Waterless Plants & Melting Popsicles

Check out some of the most unique artsy lighting for your home, all handmade my Marde Fe on Etsy.

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Looking for some low maintenance plants to lively up a room? This unique collection inspired by nature and ranging in style –or should we say species– is a wonderful way to add some pizzazz to a room. Add a small night light to a bedroom or an artistic touch to a living room, from small rounded leaves to large tropical ferns, there is a plant for every style or function in this Marde Fe collection. Green thumb or not, you can now add some “plant life” to your living space and not worry about watering! A plant lamp is a unique and attractive addition to a room as well as a functional one.

il_570xN.1347083719_cral.jpgA unique house warming gift for a new home, a wonderful desk lamp to brighten up a student’s living space, and thanks to the calming effects that plant life has on the mind, also a great addition to a meditation room. Each plant lamp is handmade and unique with intricate details on each leaf, just like in nature with no two plants identical. All lights come with an energy efficient LED bulb and are available in a couple of different plant-like colors, ready to set the mood of your room.



If you are a fan of all things sweet and summery, you will love yourself a cute popsicle sculpture from the Marde Fe collection. If you love the popular donut, ice cream or cupcake ornaments, you simply cannot forget to add the all-important and iconic popsicles to the mix. Our resin art popsicles are all one-of-a-kind and unique with each piece being individually hand-crafted, and no two popsicles alike.


For some tasty, sweet, playful and colorful charm, your popsicle sculpture will easily make itself at home on a children’s bookshelf, in a kitchen to add some color and zest, on the counter of a coffee shop for the amusement of customers, as desk décor to brighten up a serous and stuffy office, or as a house warming gift for a modern home. You can choose from an array of colors –or should we say flavors—from orange and strawberry, to mint and glittery gold, take your pick from this delicious summertime contemporary art collection.



Welcome to the wonderful world of wall clocks, and more specifically, the wonderful and colorful world of Marde Fe wall clocks. This unique art deco collection features some of the more unique resin wall art around, with each piece being a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted piece.


Perhaps the wrist watch has slowly gone out of fashion, but the wall clock will always remain a constant no matter how much we rely on our phones. There is nothing like walking into a room and effortlessly seeing what time it is, not to mention that wall clocks are a wonderful way to dress up a wall. Whether you choose to place the colorful piece in a kitchen or a child’s bedroom, or perhaps in a plain living room to brighten it up, you can rest assured you will enjoy this unique and contemporary wall clock for years to come. Inspired by the iconic mid-century Asterix clock, the geometric beauty is available in an array of bright colors or as a leaf wall clock. All acrylic wall clocks are silent, use one AA battery, and work on quartz movement for reliable time.



These beautiful, delightful and unique greeting cards are art pieces unto themselves. Without messages sprawled over each card, the cards are therefore easily transformed into art pieces to place on a wall, in a frame, on a mantle piece, or a coffee table. The Marde Fe collection is a one-of-a-kind collection, with each card being laser cut to produce a colorful layered and geometric effect. Using the finest walnut and maple wood veneers and creating fun designs to cater to every event or taste, the Made Fe collection is truly inspirational and elegant.


From abstract patterns to designs representing love, animal figures and nature, these rustic cards easily lend themselves to any type of gift giving or occasion. Whether a card is gifted for a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s day, or as a congrats, welcome or goodbye card, they can remain on display for years to come as little pieces of elegant and rustic art, in the style of tradition-meets-contemporary. All wood-cut greeting cards are handmade and come with a 100% recycled envelope and are blank on the inside to let your inspiration run wild.



Inked by hand, each piece is an original work, and slightly different from the previous. Telling a story from an 18-inch diameter plate, and bringing it to life on the page, this is the beauty and magic of an etched print.


The Marde Fe collection of etched prints are refined handmade works of art, created using a 400-year old printmaking process, not much changed since the days of Rembrandt. Using an etching press the artist creates a mirror image of the etched plate on thick Canson paper with etching ink, and the effects are simply exquisite, popping out on the page, giving a three dimensional effect. Whether you are after a simple pattern for an office wall, a nature design for a living room, or something a little more alternative for a meditation room, the etched prints available in this collection offer something for every taste and décor. All etched prints are personally signed and numbered by the artist and will be a great addition to any budding art collection.



For something truly different, with a touch of disco-vibe from yesteryear, this art deco lamp is one of the most unique pieces in the Marde Fe collection. Handmade and made-to-order, each lamp will be unique and a one-of-a-kind piece. Meticulously shaped and dyed by the artist, the lamp will glow from all angles and can be placed vertically or horizontally, up high or down low, the choice is yours. This is not just a light, it is an art piece, one you can show off in a commercial or residential setting. This resin beauty can be used in many a location, whether to lively up an outdoor pool area, add some mystique to the bedroom, a touch of color to a living room, or some fun to a games room. The light can shine brightly or not, depending on the bulb wattage, and can be easily used as a night-light, as much as a statement piece in a social gathering – the Spectrum Lamp will certainly not go unnoticed in a crowd!


Written by Melanie at http://www.caramelwriting.com for Marde Fe on Etsy.

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