Girls Love Gold

Here are a few delightful jewels to tickle your fancy, straight from Gilat Artzi on Etsy. Handmade by the designer herself.

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V-shaped Diamond Raindrop Pendant & Yellow Gold 4-Link Chain                                 This exquisite 14K yellow gold chain is both delicate and strong, offering that touch of elegance for an evening event or a casual brunch. The chain is made up of a pattern of tiny links in sets of four, alternating with slightly larger links, also in sets of four. Gracefully sitting below the collarbone, the centrepiece of this beautiful design is an 0.18 carat diamond, hanging from a balanced V-shaped bail. Be the belle of the ball with this simple yet elegant jewel, reminding us that less is more, and yes indeed, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.


Parasol Ring with Tourmaline, Diamond or Garnet Gemstone                                                A stunning design that is sure to hold many memories if gifted to a loved one or to thyself. This elegant ring has a classic design that can be easily personalised to compliment the style of the receiver. This ring represents elegance and comfort, measuring in at 2.2mm in width and 1.2mm in thickness. The perfect gift from mother to daughter, between best friends, or for a Valentine’s Day surprise. The ring is made of 14K/18K gold, and can be chosen as a yellow, rose or white gold option, depending on the style of the individual who it is destined for. Taking it one step further, you can also select the gorgeous 5mm diameter stone that will grace the ring –from a pink or green Tourmaline, which is know as the heart stone, to a Rhodolite Garnet, know as the inspiration stone, or the more classic white or black diamond.


Delicate Gold Bracelet – 13 Boule Beads with Encrusted Diamonds                                This delightful bracelet offers that element of pretty and playful, while remaining elegant and unique. Easily worn during the day with a simple dark ensemble, but just as easily worn with a white summer dress or an evening gown, without adding too much distraction. This little beauty is certainly a statement piece, and no less a favorite piece. The stunning bracelet is made up of a lucky 13 gold beads encrusted with diamonds, and evenly spaced along a fine gold plated wire bracelet. The bracelet and beads are available in a 14K/18K yellow, rose or white gold option, allowing the gift to have a more personalised touch.


Bohemian Wide Band Ring with Ripple Texture                                                                  This gorgeous hammered gold ring certainly adds some unique style into the mix, style that doesn’t go by unnoticed. Easily matched to a bohemian look, as well as a more classic look, this ring can be easily and comfortably worn on any finger, alone or with other rings alongside it. The 15mm width is an unusual width for a ring, making it more of a statement piece, and certainly a more noticeable ring than most. The rippled texture on the outside of the ring gives it that extra bling, and with the choice of yellow, rose or white gold it can be further personalised to match your particular style. The ring is only 1.2mm thick, making it especially thin, giving it that feeling of being very lightweight and moulded to your finger.


Infinity Ring – Mobius Twist Ring in Rose Gold, Yellow Gold or White Gold                The Mobius ring is always a stunning feature when worn. A Mobius is said to be a flat shape, not unlike that of a traditional wedding band, one that is slightly twisted to give it a more textured and three-dimensional look. This is why a Mobius ring is often worn on a chain, as well as on a finger, and is very often gifted between friends, mothers and daughters, or lovers, to signify infinity, as the twisted band is a reflection of an infinite circle. This elegant ring can be gifted to anyone close to your heart, and is available in 14K/18K yellow, rose or white gold. The ring is reasonably thick, measuring in at 4.2mm in width and 2.5mm thick.

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Written by Melanie at for GilatArtzi on Etsy.

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