Hip Hop Bohemian Fedora Styles



 This wide rimmed floppy bohemian fedora hat will look great with your short or long locks tumbling beneath it. Made from a strawberry-colored red felt, and decorated with lucky little red roses that inspire love and freedom, this is a wonderful accessory that will certainly become a part of your everyday style. The red roses creep around the base of the hat along a curvy green vine with small white beads scattered around the vine and sitting inside the roses.

Easy to wear on a hot summer’s day, this delightful hat will protect you from the sun, keep your head warm in the winter, and accompany you as a fashionable holiday hat at the beach or at a hipster picnic at the park.

Handmade and unique, with a real feminine touch, this statement hat will certainly add some color and style to your everyday look. Designed and hand painted by the artist herself, each hat is a one-of-a-kind piece and a wonderful gift idea.




 Kids always love a hat, especially a fun hat like this one! This ‘Ram in the Field’ hat is a gorgeous and quirky children’s hat –suitable for boys and girls—and hand painted with a scene of trees and animal silhouettes around it. The hat shows silhouettes of rams, symbolizing strength and the glory in achieving one’s goals, and reminding kids of the importance of running around in nature, and finding time away from their screens.

The hat itself has a traditional rustic look, being made of straw and cotton, and maintaining that great straw-color. Just above the brim of the children’s hat, and contrasting in color, is a black hatband a few centimeters thick, carefully selected and sewn to the hat for durability. The crown of the hat is sewn in a rounded triangular shape and slightly sinks in to give the hat its traditional fedora style. The nicest touch is the small plant design on the brim of the hat, close to the edge. Designed and hand painted by the artist herself, and inspired by her youngest son.




 Okay, let’s admit it, this is one trendy looking hat! This gorgeous brown felt fedora, certainly ain’t no regular hat. Unique, simple and fashionable, the denim hatband certainly adds that touch of trendy.

This funky fedora will look great with a pair of ripped denim shorts and some cowgirl boots, or perhaps with a brown faux-leather jacket and a pair of skinny blue jeans.

The blue denim hatband is slightly frayed and a few centimeters thick, and is held together by a denim-style button. The denim is a mix of dark and light blue hues, making it easy to match to most denim colors.

Whether you choose to wear it with or without the hatband, this little hipster piece is sure to become your favorite go-to hat for any occasion. . Designed and hand painted by the artist herself, and one of the popular hats in her collection.




This is THE hat for all music lovers out there! Whether you are a singer, a songwriter, an entertainer or perhaps a lover of music, concerts and festivals, this hat will serve you well.

The cool white fedora is made of quality cotton and straw and is light and easy to wear. The hat is encrusted with small crystal gems to form the shape of the microphone and the stars surrounding it. There is a traditional hatband around the hat, however it is in white rather than black, making it a very unique fedora indeed!

This hat certainly has a bling element to it, with a touch of hip hop style, however it can just as easily be accessorized to suit any particular look you are going for. Handmade by the artist herself, this hat is sure to make heads turn.




 This is the perfect IT-girl hat for the summer. Throw on a pair of aviators and some feather earrings, and voila! Perfectly matched to a chic summer in the sun, whether on the glam side of the beach, out to brunch in a trendy café, or walking through the cobblestone streets in an exotic summer location incognito, this hat is sure to turn heads.

This large brimmed floppy hat, has just the right amount of shape and flop, and floats ever so gently around the face. It looks great with a long braid or wild flowing hair and certainly has that hipster edge.

The 15cm brim is perfect for keeping the sun out, or for hiding underneath, whichever you prefer. It is made of a high-quality linen and straw, the best materials for maintaining its shape over time. The luscious medium blue color is only further magnetized by the large light blue hatband, and the hand painted golden sunflower on its brim. This hat just screams happiness and summer fun!


Written by Melanie @ caramelwriting.com for Exikounique


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