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9th & Wander’s Cool Pics – Hats and Shades

SANTORINI SUNGLASSES – From Tokyo to St. Tropez, Santorini to Miami, these gorgeous cat eye sunglasses by Michael Kors will keep you styling no matter the event or location. Inspired by the classic film stars of the 50’s, these sunglasses were made to last. With a strong design, the frame, bridge and arms will be hard to damage when thrown in your carry-on as you make a mad dash to gate 23. The strong materials and exceptional quality of these glasses, are what can be expected from the Michael Kors line.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 2.06.43 am.jpg

TIGER FRAME SUNGLASSES – These stylish sunglasses have a wayfarer style frame, however the roundshaped lens and unusual looking bridge, make them a little different than the usual wayfarer glasses we are used to. With the trendy tiger frame in orange and black, these sunglasses are ready to be rocked by any fashionista or nomad. Whether soaking up some rays in Rio, or perhaps attending New York Fashion Week, you can add to the adventure with these little beauties.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 2.06.59 am.jpg

CLASSIC WAYFARER SUNGLASSES – As with the classic wayfarer style, you will find these sunglasses sturdy, comfortable and classic. They can be worn in just about any type of situation, whether for an action packed safari adventure or a shopping expedition, these sunglasses will offer you SPF protection against the strongest of sun, or privacy on those days you feel like being alone in the crowd. The strong frame is great for travel, especially for those times when rushing around a new city and your poor sunglasses are thrown around left and right.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 2.07.08 am.jpg


Round Oversized Shades – Do you like to style it up and avoid the paparazzi by hiding under your oversized shades? Then these shades will help you get the job done! These shades are very reminiscent of the Paris and Nicole era, and still just as trendy. When traveling they can be worn on the plane while sleeping (for that extra bit of privacy) or when arriving at the airport jet lagged and in serious need of hiding those dark rings. On the other hand, these are the perfect pair of shades to wear on the Riviera or strolling down Prince Street in Soho. These sunglasses have both round lenses and a round solid frame, with an orange and black animal print. The actual lenses are dark enough to cover your eyes, yet not pitch black, so more enjoyable on both sides of the lens. A great accessory for any stylish jet setting gal!Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 2.09.16 am.jpgPanama Wide Brim Raffia Fedora – This Panama style hat will be a hit next time you wear it down to your local cafe in St Tropez or to the hot salsa club on Miami’s pumping strip. Made as the authentic Fedoras in Panama, this particular one comes with a wide brim to cover your face from the harsh summer sun. Around the base of the hat is a black grosgrain hatband with a flat bow for added style. The hat is made from paper straw, which is sure to be both cooling, scratch-free, and light to wear. This hat can be taken to just about any summer event or location, and will easily sit on your carry-on to avoid being squashed.Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 2.08.51 am.jpg


Black and White Linen Fedora – This Havana style hat will be a hit next time you wear it out to that local beach party or as an accessory while you salsa to your favorite Latin tune. Made as the authentic Fedoras are made, with a short brim and a black band around the crown. This fedora also has a black matching band around the brim for that added suave style. The hat is made from 100% linen, the most cooling material around. Linen allows for better air circulation, and is light as a feather, so you will be sure to not overheat while styling this hat. Take it with you on your next jet setting adventure to the tropics and your won’t regret it!Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 2.09.02 am.jpg

Black Wool Felt Boater Hat – If you want to make a fashion statement, then wearing a boater hat such as this one is the way to go! Boater hats have been worn by men and women alike for centuries, and are still in style all around the globe. They can be worn in spring, fall or winter, by men or women, and as a casual or dressed up accessory. The great thing about traveling with a boater hat is that it can keep you warm on those freezing long haul flights, and can cover up a few dreadlocks after a long flight, three stopovers and no brush in sight. This hat is made from wool felt, making it extremely warm —a great accessory when getting off the plane in a cold place— and extremely soft on the skin. The hat has a flat brim, a ruched band and is made of 100% wool. It is very easy to clean, generally a going over with a damp cloth will do the job! How easy is that to maintain when traveling!bb50aa97650ad8777d7c6c9e4e6dfe20.jpg

Written for 9th & Wander

Cover Image: FreePik

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