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9th & Wander – Travel Bag Picks

Stephanie Johnson Nile Jewelry Case – The Nile Jewelry Case is a small, quick and easy pouch to invest in if you like to travel with your faux or real jewels. Rather than finding your necklace all tangled up or your bracelet covered in shampoo, next time you will be able to find each piece of jewelry in perfect shape, just as you left it. The bag folds in half like a sandwich and remains flat if the items inside are flat or small. The bag turns into more of a roll pouch if there are many large items inside. Either way, it’s a gorgeous case, and the best place to keep all your precious little trinkets, and the new ones you will surely pick up at your next destination. The inside of the case has three zip compartments that are transparent, so you can see exactly what you are looking for without having to empty the contents of the bag. The outside of the bag is the real head-turner, with animal print and sequins, as well as a liquorice strap to hold the case closed. Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 2.08.40 am.jpg

Faux Leather Reversible Tote – This stylish faux leather beauty is reminiscent of the popular Hermes orange leather totes that have been around for decades. A simple design, yet so stylish, and so very multi-purpose… and a lot cheaper than Hermes! The thing about a massive tote bag such as this one, is that they are great for fitting just about anything in, only the little things tend to disappear into the never-ending bottom of such a bag never to be found again. That’s why the bag comes with a detachable zip pocket on the inside, so you can store your small things and not be left to despair when your bag is full to the brim and your passport is floating somewhere down the bottom of the bag. The little coral colored case has two zip compartments and can easily fit your phone, makeup, passport, keys and other small important knick knacks inside. The case also attaches to the inside of the bag for easy retrieval. So what is the big surprise and added bonus of this bag? It is two bags! That’s right, two bags in one. When the bag is reversed it turns into a gorgeous coral colored tote, to match the small inside case. An overall great bag for shopping, university (in style) or jet setting!Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 2.08.56 am.jpg


Faux Leather Cross Body – This trendy vintage looking satchel is the perfect companion for any avid traveler. It comes with zips and pockets galore, an adjustable shoulder strap to swing it around or hold it close to your body, and is made of a soft and flexible faux leather. The bag is very compact for it’s size, sporting three exterior and two interior pockets, so you can just about go anywhere without leaving anything behind. There’s a section for your passport and boarding pass, one for your iPhone, another for your small change, and the other for… well, we’ll leave that up to you! This is the best little travel companion by far! It comes in a gorgeous dusty orange color too, so how could you resist?
Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 2.09.12 am.jpg

Stephanie Johnson Jenny Bermuda Train Case – With this groovy Stephanie Johnson case you will never again lose your toiletries or cosmetics while globe trotting the earth. Not only is it easy to eye-spy this brightly colored case among the millions of things inside your bottomless Mary Poppins bag, but it is also a great way to reunite all of your beauty products and cosmetics into the one pouch. The inside of the case has a clear plastic pouch for small knickknacks and a clear plastic pocket for easy access to those small things in a hurry. There is also a detachable mirror on the inside, so you can check out those panda eyes after a rough long haul flight. This is a time saving, neat little case, great for any travel guru. The design and colour scheme for the case are inspired by the pink sunsets of Bermuda, and the knit fabric is inspired by those trendy vintage bags from the 50s. This colorful creation has an easy to grab handle and zips up with a nifty little zip around closure. A must have for all the wander women out there!Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 2.09.21 am.jpg


Hudson + Bleecker Atlas Blue Voyager Toiletries Bag – This ultra modern retro inspired toiletries bag, can also be passed off as a gorgeous handbag if you choose to swing it over your arm while running from one terminal to the next. The faux leather lattice pattern with gold metal hardware gives the bag its unique retro look, and the bright cobalt blue makes it stand out whether on your arm, or lost in an ocean of clothes in your luggage. The bag is waterproof and comes with two detachable compartments and one removable pouch that you can use as a purse or smaller toiletries bag for those hard to pack knickknacks. Another fun and well thought out feature of this bag, is that the 6’’ handles can fold down out of the way, if you choose to use the bag as a toiletries bag inside your luggage. An all around strong and trendy accessory for your next big trip! The bag is 8’’ x 10’’ with a depth of 4’’ – a great size for fitting all sizes of toiletries and beauty products. This trendy bag is oh so reminiscent of the vintage airline bags of the 70s.Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 2.09.30 am.jpg

Hudson + Bleecker Labyrinth Voyager Toiletries Bag – This ultra glam toiletries bag is an absolute must for any girl that would like some bling (and organisation) in her nomadic life. A little golden nugget on your wish list or an ultra cool gift for a classy friend, you can’t go wrong with the Labyrinth Voyager Bag. This sophisticated little number can also come as part of a collection of other sized bags and pouches.. oh so chic! The bag comes with a stylish tassel and two transparent pockets on the inside so you can separate your toiletries as you see best, and easily see what you are looking for without tipping out the entire contents! Yes, we’ve all been there. Inside the bag, like a Kinder Surprise you will find a cool detachable zip pouch (which also matches the outside of the bag) to be used either inside the bag or perhaps as an out-and-about small clutch bag. The gorgeous white and golden exterior is made out of a coated canvas material with faux leather trim and gold metal hardware. Both the interior and exterior of the bag are waterproof.Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 2.09.35 am.jpg


Stephanie Johnson Erela Jewelry Case – Organic meets elegant in this Stephanie Johnson jewelry case. The straw colored raffia on the outside is a gorgeous natural fibre that will be well suited to those nomads who love nature and all things natural. The black patent leather trim contouring the bag, adds that elegance and endurance so the bag can stay in top shape despite the amount of lugging around on your business trips and your tropical getaways. While mainly used as a jewelry case, this case could also be used as a toiletries bag or day clutch. This being said, the inside roll feature of the bag does however offer that perfect storage feature for jewelry, allowing those precious (or faux) jewels from being twisted and knotted up. The interior of the bag has two long zipped and transparent sections on either side, while the middle of the bag has an attached pouch also made out of natural raffia fibre. The bag can also be bought alongside other sized bags in the Erela Collection. Overall, a great jewelry or multipurpose bag for those who like the organic style of accessories.Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 2.09.41 am.jpg



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