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9th & Wander’s Top Travel Picks.

Lug Snuz Sac – Travel Pillow & Blacket Set – Need a little shut eye on your red eye? Or perhaps, to rest your neck on your train trip to Goa? Anywhere you might be heading around the globe, you can never go wrong taking your trusty Lug Snuz Sac with you. This U-shaped fleece pillow will give your neck and head great support, preventing any stiff necks from long haul flights and other such journeys sitting in the one spot for hours. It’s a simple three easy peasy steps… Simply remove the blanket, inflate the pillow provided, and slip it back into the cover. The blanket comes in a matching zip pouch and is made of a soft coral fleece material. Both cover and blanket are machine washable. Get yours now! Don’t lose precious z’s on your next big adventure!

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 2.06.37 am.jpg


Hudson + Bleecker Garment Bag – Want to travel in class? Whether you are flying first class or economy, you can still travel like a diva with this Hudson + Bleeker Garment Bag. Don’t let another trip turn your sunday best into a bunch of $2 rags. With this coated canvas garment bag, all your ironing nightmares will be over. The bag comes in turquoise or gold, is contoured with metallic trim, and has a wrap around zip for quick easy access. The great part about this bag is it’s endurance; the 8’’ double rolled handles offer that extra strength (especially when your bag is used regularly) while the inside of the bag is lined with a brightly colored waterproof bifold interior. This bag is the perfect travel accessory for those in love with glitter and gold. Additional features include: a 5’’ drop handle for carrying the bag on your shoulder, a gold faux leather name tag, a golden tassel for easy access and added style. The best part yet… the garment bag can be part of a collection if you really want to style it up!Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 2.09.25 am.jpg


Two Tone Natural Scarf – You can’t go wrong traveling with this lightweight pure cotton scarf. Made of high quality cotton, it allows the skin to breathe while feeling ultra soft to the touch. If you are a seasoned traveler, you will know that scarves are an amazing item to have on hand, for the mere fact that they can serve many purposes… and the 100% cotton dries easily as well! Whether used as a scarf to keep you warm, as a light blanket while waiting for your next connecting flight, as a towel on the beach or a sarong to walk around the pool in, this is a must have on any travellers list. This scarf comes in a number of two-tone colors, and is made of natural cotton fibre. When on the road, a quick hand wash will suffice, and the scarf will dry in no time!Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 2.06.48 am.jpg


Lug Cargo Packing Cubes – When you are traveling and living out of your suitcase, there is nothing worse than having to make a last minute dig into your never-ending piece of luggage to find that one small item you saw (but didn’t need) two minutes earlier. Looking for something in a suitcase, can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Enter… packing cubes! With the Lug Cargo Packing Cubes you can’t go wrong! Save yourself hours of packing and unpacking, by separating your clothes and other items into these cubes before placing them into your luggage. This way, next time you need something in a hurry, you won’t have to undo all your packing for that one pair of orange socks hidden in the bottom corner under your swimsuit. Packing cubes are made out of a study nylon material for travel endurance, and have a mesh top to allow your clothes to breathe. The handy five sizes allow for packing small and large items, while the different colors allow you to quickly and easily identify the cube you need when in a hurry.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 2.07.18 am.jpg


Stephanie Johnson Dubai iPad Case – Just because you are traveling, does not mean that fashion goes out the window. With this Stephanie Johnson iPad case you can be sure to maintain your bling while stepping off the tarmac. This gorgeous iPad case is made of gold and brassy colored sequins, with a subtle animal print pattern on either side. The opening and closing of the case is made easy with a zip and a stylish tassel for easy access and added style. The inside of the case is made with soft cushiony nylon, to ensure that your iPad (i.e.: your entire life!) is kept safe and sound, even through all the commotion of security checks and the chaos of overhead compartments. The case also fits all generations of iPads.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 2.08.27 am.jpg


Stephanie Johnson Madison Avenue ML Traveler – This Stephanie Johnson travel case has to be one of the classiest and most elegant cases to date. A real homage to the little black dress, now we have the little black bag. This is a great toiletries (or other) case for travel, it can be shoved inside your suitcase for sure, but who wouldn’t want to swing this over their arm and show it off? The outside is made up of black onyx sequins with a subtle velvet honeycomb design. It has a gold metallic zipper surrounding it, for easy access, and a beautiful amethyst lining on the inside. The case comes with two snap-out mesh cases, that are also in that vibrant amethyst color, and a removable pocket mirror to check your lipstick before meeting up with your sweetheart at the arrivals gate. The focal points of the case are the two transparent pockets on either side, allowing you to see clearly and better organize what is inside the bag.Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 2.08.34 am.jpg


Po Campo Midway Weekender – This is the classic getaway bag! A hybrid bag with oh so many functionalities that you would never guess just looking at it. This bag can do no wrong. Take it on a romantic getaway to Tuscany or lug it around the cafes of Buenos Aires, this bag will always be the perfect accessory to any elegant outfit, and will fit just about anything in it whether you are going away for overnight or for a week. The best part of this bag is its bottom compartment, which unzips and is like a bag underneath the satchel. This area makes it easier for shoes to be packed or any other heavy or hard to pack items. The other cool aspect to this bag are the two black elastic bands on the front of the bag which are perfect for carrying a yoga mat, making this not only a weekender bag, but also a great bag for all the urban yogis out there. The bag is also covered in pockets with zips for easy access to your phone, keys, makeup and boarding pass. The bag can work as a handheld or shoulder tote, with the choice to use the faux leather shoulder strap (31’’ to 60’’) supplied, or the faux leather handles. The outside of the bag is made out of a water resistant waxed canvas, which is easy to clean, and the overall construction of the bag is multilayered in order to make it tougher and long lasting. The outside of the bag has a blue striped beach bum theme, while the interior of the bag has a fuchsia pink lining that will brighten up any girl’s day regardless of jet lag. The bag is a 100% vegan creation, so you are not only being kind to yourself, but also kind to the environment. Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 2.08.46 am.jpg


Written for 9th & Wander

Cover Image: http://landoftravel.com/packing-list-for-a-backpacking-trip-through-europe/

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