Dear Vegemite

Dear Vegemite,

I want to begin by telling you how much I love you, and that you are truly a wonderful icon for Australia –even if you are misunderstood by some people who did not grow up with you on their morning toast or in their lunchbox sandwiches.

Those people, I believe were just not well introduced to you. Many people do not understand that there is somewhat of an artform to the way you must be spread –and yes, everyone has their own technique. Mine was inherited from my dad’s awesome spreading technique.

So let’s cut to the chase. The reason I am writing to you today is with a bit of apprehension, verging on sorrow. I have noticed over the last year or so that some of my most beloved products, such as Cornwells Mint Sauce (another great Aussie icon in many an Aussie pantry) decided to convert all of their product packaging, which included their legendary, iconic, and irreplaceable Mint Sauce into… are you ready for this?? PLASTIC! I am not only upset and appalled, but I am also shocked at how a company could go against a tradition of glass bottles that has lasted for over 100 years with the Cornwells brand, all for the sake of saving a few measly bucks! It’s like spitting on the Cornwells brand, while simultaneously puking on the environment with MORE plastic that is literally now suffocating the human race and its animals. Needless to say, I now can no longer enjoy my fave Mint Sauce on my veges and peas, instead I must buy another brand (still in glass) that I don’t like as much, but am learning to enjoy. Please don’t make me have to change over to Promite or Marmite or one of your inferior cousins, please don’t send me away to the rellies.

So, my beloved vegemite, my childhood friend, my travel partner, my go-to when I don’t know what I want to eat, I want to thank you for your noble efforts of STILL sticking to glass. When we were American for a little while, our American parents kept us in glass –as they knew what was best for their child—so I hope that vegemite’s new parents Bega will also care for their new child, the way its American foster parents did. I thank you and I commend you for still sticking to the traditional glass jars, however I also write to you out of fear that you might be considering changing over to plastic to save a few bucks. Let’s look at it this way, I think you will not only dirty the brand and its tradition if you chose to do so, but also poison your beloved fans with those awful cancerous plastic particles. When I eat my vegemite toast in the mornings, or open my lunchbox at noon, I don’t want to think about the plastic particles that I learned all about in the documentary, Plastic. Cornwells is a lost cause now… please don’t make vegemite a lost cause too. I want to just enjoy it, the way I have always enjoyed it my entire life, no matter which country I have lived in.

Let’s keep the plastic out of our vegemite… it’s really UNAustralian,


Melanie –your biggest fan!


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