Levis – Quality never goes out of style

This Friday, being Dress in Blue Day, we think of everything we might have that is blue in our wardrobe, with the obvious winner often being denim. Denim is one of those things that can be easily worn any day, any time and for any occasion. Casual skinny jeans and some Converse sneakers, some short shorts and a lacy bohemian top, a denim vest swung over anything, or dressing it up with accessories for a special event… the list is endless.
Denim always brings to mind the Levis brand, with their catchy slogan “Quality never goes out of style”. Levi Strauss & Co has always remained a popular choice since its inception in 1853, with its success owed to its reliable quality and great marketing strategies. As we all know, every decade sees a major change in fashion and styles, however throughout the ages Levis has managed to stay current and popular throughout all the fads. Style is definitely one reason owing to their success, although their actual styles have really not changed all that much over time –if anything there are just a few extra styles such as the boot cut, flare and skinny cut. What has always remained true to their product is their high quality and durability however. A customer knows that even though they might be paying a little extra, a pair of levis will last for years, even decades! In this day and age, lack of quality is often built into products in order for customers to keep spending, however Levis has not adopted this fad.

Their marketing campaigns have included some of the most iconic commercials, such as the “Laundrette” commercial where an extremely attractive specimen of the male persuasion strips down to his boxer shorts to put everything in the wash, and the most recent commercial “Sea of Blue” where we see a typical party scene with everyone around looking down at their iphones –as you do in 2017– and two people who find each other from across a room full of people. Before we know it the heavily denim clad pair are making a splash, as they fall into the pool in a long romantic kiss, reminiscent of water scenes in such films as “Romeo and Juliet” or “The Beach”. With their strong commercial and print campaigns, and their durable product range, it seems the Levis brand will always be in vogue, and will always be the main game player in the world of denim.

Dress in Blue Day, in case you did not know, is a day used to spread awareness of colon cancer. It’s a great day that helps to raise money and bring awareness to the cause, and a perfect opening for the Levis brand to place themselves at center stage of course! On this particular day, it seems that Levis have managed to place themselves in such a way that most people now associate the brand with this day. From a marketing perspective, this is gold! Or should we say “blue”.

This March 3rd when you‘re looking in your closet for something to wear, don’t forget your Levis, and be sure to tune in, as they will certainly pull off yet another great commercial for this BIG day in their calendar.


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