Vintage Jewel Designs


This beautiful pendant is made of intricate embroidery in the style of traditional folk embroidery, hailing from the Kalocsa region of Hungary. The embroidery style is colorful, showcasing flowers and ribbons, with an array of different floral arrangements. Each floral image is set behind glass with a silver-plated backing, and a small clip for threading a chain through. In this particular collection of beautiful floral arrangements, you have five designs to choose from, ranging from pink and aqua, to orange, yellow, green, blue and red. Each design is set on a white background, while the fifth design is set on a black background. An embroidery pendant is a wonderful addition to a white or black outfit, brightening it up and adding a small splash of color. Depending on your style, the pendant can be worn on a small chain for an everyday wear, or on a longer chain for a more bohemian style. The pendant comes with a pretty gift bag, making it a perfect ready-made gift.



If you are looking for an elegant piece to wear for a big event, or perhaps a gift for special someone in your life, a crystal birthstone necklace is the most perfect and personalized gift you can give. It is said that based on the month you are born in, a special stone will correspond to you more than any other. Birthstones have been worn for many generations by people all around the world, and are said to bring luck and offer metaphysical healing to the person wearing one. Each birthstone is said to be energetically aligned with the person wearing it, with each stone offering different healing properties and uses. These beautiful gemstones are official Swarovski crystals set in a silver plated prong backing, giving them a classic and timeless vintage look, and are easily placed on a short or long pendant to match your particular style. The handmade ¾’’ pendant comes with a lobster clasp chain of short or long length, and a beautiful gift bag to match. The sterling silver pendant and chain are of high quality, nickel and lead free.

Find out which is your birthstone below.

January – Dark Siam
February – Amethyst
March – Aquamarine
April- Crystal
May- Emerald
June- Alexandrite
July- Siam
August – Peridot
September – Sapphire
October – Rose
November – Topaz
December – Blue Zircon



A locket is likely one of the most precious gifts you can give someone. This timeless gift can be a wonderful way for a close friend or family member to keep a treasured photo of someone special in their lives, or even a curl of hair as was traditionally done in the past. A locket can be worn on special occasions or as many would likely wear it, everyday. This gorgeous vintage locket is approximately 1 ¼ inches in diameter and gold plated with four separate designs to choose from. The bird imagery can represent freedom and beauty, or an array or different meanings depending on the bird, colors, or cultural meaning. The locket is made of a high quality brass, and the four designs range in style and color, from lavender flowers to daisies, with different colored birds in flight or nesting. The vintage locket comes with your choice of a long or short gold plated chain with a lobster clasp and a 5cm extender with a small glass bead on the end. The vintage image is set behind a glass cabochon and has a small hinge for opening and closing with ease. All components are nickel and lead free, and come in an organza gift bag, ready for gifting.



For a unique and easy to wear gift, one that will suit most any style and personality, these teardrop dangling gems are a wonderful way to say thank you or wish someone a happy birthday or anniversary. The teardrop shape measures just over one inch, and is easy to wear as an everyday accessory or to brighten up an elegant outfit. Each set of earrings is unique in its own way, with a milky white covering that shimmers as the stone dangles. These beautiful translucent stones are known as harlequin fire opals, and flash iridescent colors as they sway. An opal is a special stone that is often used to celebrate the 14th year of marriage and is also the birthstone for the month of October. The word itself comes from the Greek “Opallios” meaning change in color –which aptly represents this gemstone. The earrings are available in a fire opal, which has specs of gold, green, blue and pink seen within the stone, while the white opal is white or pinkish in tone, and has different colors reflecting on the surface. The earrings are held by a brass prong and backing, and are dangling from a gold plated chandelier clasp with lever-back ear fasteners. The vintage stones are unused and date back to the1960’s. All earrings come with a gift bag ready to be gifted to that special friend or loved one. All Belle Babette jewelry is nickel and lead free.



Beautiful and easy to wear, these gorgeous studs are available in three iridescent shimmering hues, from Amethyst Purple to Golden Pink or Aqua Golden Blue. All opals are unique in their coloring and patterning, however each earring set in this collection has been carefully selected to ensure each pair are as similar as possible. The purple gems measure around 5mm while the pink and blue stones measure around 7mm. Opals are known as the gift given for the 14th year of marriage or are known as the birthstone for the month of October, however opals have also been given on special occasions as a gift to a loved one or friend for many generations. The word Opal actually comes from the Sanskrit, meaning “precious stone” and from the Greek “Opallios” meaning change in color –both meanings aptly represent this translucent gem, known for its changing iridescent colors reflecting on its surface. Added to an up-do, these pretty studs can certainly brighten up an elegant look and add to that classic Hollywood style. All Belle Babette jewels come in a pretty gift bag, and are nickel and lead free.



This pendant, reminiscent of the Victorian era, is a beautiful addition to a necklace collection. Elegant and feminine, it can be easily worn on any low cut top or over a lacy ensemble. The pendant features a pretty white rose on a blue vintage background, with a teardrop glass pearl hanging below, and four more shimmering glass pearls directly above, placed in an asymmetrical pattern. On one side of the silver plated chain there are two hand-linked small round pearls and a larger one, while on the other side of the chain there is a small matching glass pearl and a small silver dove to balance the overall design of the necklace. A wonderful gift for lovers of the vintage style, this Victorian necklace is timeless and classic, with a modern edge. The necklace is presented in a pretty gift bag, and as with all Belle Babette jewels, it is nickel and lead free.



These Victorian style earrings certainly set themselves apart from most designs. Unique as can be, the Victorian design has a hint of art deco to it, with centerpiece gems that shimmer and change color as they sway. The lacy brass setting has been professionally oxidized to give the earrings their brassy vintage style, while the hooks at the top are an unfinished silver brass color that are easy to insert. The fire opals dangling towards the bottom of the earrings are around 8mm in diameter, while the actual earrings measure around 55mm in length. The opals have specs of gold, green, orange and pink shimmering within the stone and reflecting off the surface. The word opal comes from the Greek “Opallios” meaning change in color, which these opals certainly do as they dangle back and forth. The earrings come with a pretty gift bag and as with all Belle Babette jewels, they are nickel and lead free.

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