Magical little boxes for xmas

Taking us back to those moments in our lives when Christmas was truly the most magical moment of the year, the latest commercial from Tiffany’s will have you dreaming of Christmas all over again. Beginning with its emotive music and glittery snowflakes, the commercial takes you to a snow-coated New York avenue and a divine interior with signature Tiffany’s gift boxes falling from the heavens above. If there could be a perfect Christmas this year, it would be one in a Tiffany’s world.

Thinking gifts as Christmas approaches? Aren’t we all! Whether it be for your wife, your mother or a close friend or relative, anything that arrives in a little blue box is always going to be cherished for years to come.

Thanks to the cinematic vision and beauty brought to us by directors Sophie Caretta and Philippe La Sourd, that magical time of year –that time of year that can sometimes seem lost as one grows older—has returned in the form of a beautiful marketing campaign. With just a little over a month left before the Christmas bells start ringing, the iconic brand, celebrating its 180th birthday this year, has again proven to us why it remains one of the most precious and iconic brands of all time.

The commercial starts off with a magical and traditional feel, and transitions into a spectacular fast-paced edit of little blue gift boxes, an adorable little blonde-haired boy catching them as though Santa had delivered early, and the gorgeous Elle Fanning dancing among a concoction of snowflake-like lights… and let’s not forget the fast cuts of the immaculate jewelry. Glitter, snowflakes and everything that shines! –how could one not want a little bit of Tiffany’s paradise delivered on Christmas morning?

Check out this gorgeous piece of cinematic prowess brought to us by Ogilvy & Mather:

Make The World Sparkle Commercial


Image source: Tiffany & Co.



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