Letter Pillows: A gift from Santa

Letter Pillow

Nothing is more personalized than a cushion with baby’s first initial. You spent so long deciding on the perfect name, so why not decorate baby’s crib or bed with a playful pillow in the shape of his or her first name. These letter pillows are a one-of-a-kind and a beautiful touch to a bedroom or playroom. With playful colors and unique designs, you can choose from an array of styles to match the décor of your little girl’s pretty-in-pink bedroom or your little boy’s fun and colorful playroom full of toy cars. From geometric designs, to animal prints and cars, cars, cars –there is a style to match every baby or “big kid” personality! These gorgeous pillows are sure to be something cherished for years to come.

Fabric Bin

No mom every said no to an extra organizer or storage bin. These simple and elegant storage baskets can be used for oh-so-many things. Whether you choose to use it as a diaper caddy, for storing your baby’s clothes or your toddlers toys, a fabric bin such as the ones in this beautiful collection will never go to waste. There are so many uses for this one item, so many that the list is endless! However, do not be mistaken, these are no ordinary storage hampers, they are embroidered with sweet and pretty designs, and can therefore be placed in any part of the house without being an eyesore. The embroidery is simple and comes in a wonderful collection of colors and animal designs, and can be used for your beloved, but can just as easily be used for yourself as well. Why not treat yourself! This gorgeous basket can easily be used in the home or office, as well as the playroom. 

Baby Whale Pillow

There’s nothing more fun than a pillow a little one can play with. With this adorable whale pillow babies and toddlers can play and sit on the whale, and older kids can cuddle it or decorate their bedrooms and playrooms with it. With a beautiful geometric pattern, navy blue and white, this beautiful stuffed animal (or soft toy) is a great gift and one that will easily be loved and cherished for years to come. Your little darling will be able to snuggle with their baby whale and name it, and you will have the pleasure of watching them at play and telling them all about whales and the beauty of the ocean and marine life. What a wonderful addition to any playroom, and a great baby shower, birthday or Christmas gift for a loved one. The baby whale pillow is safe for kids of all ages to play with and is very easy to spot clean.

Image source:  https://www.etsy.com/es/market/regalo_recién_nacido

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