It’s all in the eyes with Canon

In the latest campaign by Canon we see an array of extreme close up shots of eyes of all colors and shapes, from all corners of the globe. However it is not the color or shape of the eyes that draw us in, but the emotion we see in each of the eyes as they appear before us on the screen. The narration accompanying each image definitely reinforces to us what we are seeing, however in each precise moment, one can really see a different and precise emotion in just one gaze. Whether it be fame, as she looks up at a crowd with her long eyelashes – excitement and pride in her eyes, or trust as he looks up at someone for guidance and security, or perhaps freedom as he looks on with excitement as we see the shadow of a surfer in his pupil.

Not only has Canon managed to attract people with a truly cinematic short film, but the iconic brand has also managed to show us what one is capable of achieving with a Canon camera, one of its quality lenses, and a bit of imagination. This commercial is able to appeal to all people whether young, old, introverted, extroverted, happy or melancholic –there is something for everyone in this emotionally driven campaign. A commercial like this can have any amateur photographer or filmmaker dreaming of what is possible with their Canon. It’s a great time of year for a campaign like this, the time of year when we want to make films and take photos of our special moments, festive events and family gatherings, and a time to spoil people who love capturing these moments and other rites of passage which will come with a whole new year ahead.

Check out this beautiful piece of cinematography here:

What You See Commercial

Image Source: Canon

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