How trade shows can help your business

While many people like to focus their marketing efforts on things such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media, this is not the only thing that a business should focus on for success. With the internet and social media bombarding people daily, hourly and even by the minute and second, people often become numb to any messages they are seeing online. This is why real face-to-face interaction can make all the difference.

Here are our top 4 reasons why you should consider adding trade shows to your marketing ammunition:

Face-to-face beats a promo email. While some emails could turn heads, most will not, sadly (for entrepreneurs and businesses). The face-to-face personalized interaction that you can give potential clients will firstly show them how the product or service can specifically work for them, and second of all, it will leave them with something to think about; and if the interaction was genuine and enjoyable, something to tell their friends about.

Bloggers. With all the Instagrammers, YouTubers, bloggers and vloggers taking over the stratosphere in recent times, you just never know who you might meet or be talking to. There are many bloggers and vloggers scanning the festivals for the latest products and services to tell their fans about… that product or service could be yours! A blogger or vlogger is someone to take seriously nowadays, especially when they can reach thousands of fans, and even hundreds of thousands of fans –all of which are in a very specific niche, probably yours!

Cost effective. That’s right! Forget about spending your entire marketing budget on Facebook ads, think about adding a trade show or two to your annual schedule. Yes, you will spend on things such as travel, your trade show booth, flyers, renting the space on the trade show floor, meals and accommodation, however it if you do the legwork beforehand the payoff is generally always worth it –ask any business owner who has attended a trade show.

Build your mailing list. Trade shows are the best way to build your mailing list. The amount of people that will pass by your booth over the couple of days you are there, will be more people than have probably ever been exposed to your brand beforehand. If you set it up correctly, and if you have a little incentive for the potential customer, you’ll see your mailing list grow exponentially.

If you are a startup, small business, company, home business, or just someone with a few products to sell, then grab one of our stalls before they disappear! This is a great opportunity to give your brand the exposure it deserves and have a great time while doing so. Our tradeshow will have 30+ stalls and a cool cowboy theme. We are also the only tradeshow with an outdoor movie screening at a horse ranch! Pretty quirky, ain’t it? We will also have bouncy castles for the kids to jump around on, and a wonderful lineup of country music performers and buskers. If interested please text: (xx) xxx-xxxx

*All applications are subject to our T&C and approval.

* Carousellers are welcome!

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