The Givenchy or The Valentino?

So which is more your style… the Valentino apple green medium-sized “airline bag” or the little dainty clutch with the star on the front? What kind of a bag lady are you? If you’re like me… you’re a serious bag lady and you will need the Valentino to carry all your gadgets around. For me that’s a lot of stuff… an iPhone, iPad, charger, makeup bag, deodorant, hand sanitizer, lotion, panty liner, my latest to do list, a pen, a notebook, my purse, a light cardigan (just in case!) and maybe even a book! I know, I know… it’s a lot, but I hate going out for the day only to find I am missing something vital. If I’m heading out in my heels for the night however, the Givenchy will fit my lipstick, eyeliner, phone and money perfectly! I just love the look of the little star, it’s so simple yet so cool.

So do tell –now that I’ve revealed the contents of my bag– what kind of a bag lady are you?

  • Valentino cross body bag

This cool leather bag is very 1960’s with its light apple green color, and a little bit of rock star edge with its studded border. Gone are the days of the uncomfortable and oversized totes, with this little number you’ll be able to fit everything inside, for a fraction of the size. Tablets, makeup bags, books, a pair of ballet flats, this bag has it all covered! Depending on your style, you can wear it swinging casually over your shoulder or across your body. The strap’s maximum length is 130cm, for those who like their bags swinging loose, and a small 47cm for others who like the close and tight feel of a bag. The bag itself is 13cm x 18cm, with a nice depth of 6 centimeters. You can create so many distinct styles with this bag, the possibilities are endless!

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 3.39.21 am

  • Givenchy clutch

An exceptional little pouch that stands out in a crowd for sure! This uber-cool little clutch is simple, yet statement, all at once. The white star really sets off the pouch, giving it that trendy flavor, with a size that’s perfect for oh-so-many things! Givenchy really knows how to mélange glamour and style. The clutch comes with a white or a red star, and in a white or black leather option. The red star is a little Che Guevara don’t you think? Of course, this little beauty would not be complete without the embossed Givenchy logo on the back. Made with 100% quality leather as Givenchy knows best, a canvas lining, and a sturdy zip. Beautifully presented in a Givenchy box with a dust cloth. The clutch is 19.5cm x 29cm in size, making it the perfect accessory to carry your smart phone, tablet, makeup bag or purse.

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 3.39.04 am

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