Ferragamo Knows Belts

The Oversized Single Gancio Belt. This Italian-made leather belt is no ordinary belt indeed! The oversized accessory comes in a Rouge Noir color or a Light Tan. Easily worn with a sleek little day dress or some skinny jeans and an oversized shirt. The belt is thick and prominent, as is the oversized Ferragamo signature buckle –somewhat resembling a rounded horseshoe. Maybe this belt will be your lucky belt? The Ferragamo insignia is engraved into the gold clasp that the belt slides into. A classy and statement look indeed.

The Classic Gancio Belt. This Italian-made soft leather belt is made with calfskin to give it that smooth and soft look. To add a feminine touch to the thin strap there are two thin gold chains running along either side of it. The black contrasts exquisitely with the gold, making it a truly wonderful addition to any classy brunch outfit or well-tailored business ensemble The gold buckle has Ferragamo’s signature Gancio shape –resembling a lucky horse-shoe— and a gold clasp with the Ferragamo insignia engraved into it. This little beauty will look great on some high-cut skinny jeans or over a knitted dress or pullover. A very refined belt with much attention paid to detail.

The Double Gancio Belt. This iconic little belt is very reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The thin dusty pink strap brings that gorgeous feminine feel to an outfit, while the double clasp buckle brings a bit of glamor into the piece. The buckle is certainly the centerpiece of the belt, and will be the centerpiece of any ensemble you decide to wear it with. Ferragamo’s signature buckle is designed with Swarovski crystals, adding that little bit of bling, and helping to brighten and add a bit of femininity to an outfit. The two buckles come together with a golden clasp, naturally with the Ferragamo insignia engraved on top. A real little treat, this belt is an art piece unto itself.

The Red Licorice Gancio Belt. This is a standout belt, able to brighten up any ensemble. The delicious wine red color, reminiscent of a shiny red licorice strap, is the belle of the ball when it comes to classy-meets-trendy. The snakeskin pattern on the strap adds texture, while the double Gancio buckle adds some of that classic Ferragamo style into the mix. The gorgeous gold buckles fasten in the middle with a matching golden bar that clips on easily. The belt would certainly not be complete without the Ferragamo insignia engraved on top. This belt can be used to create so many different styles, and is sure to be added to many outfits.

The Leopard Gancio Belt. This wild belt is an absolute must for any woman’s wardrobe, especially if her wardrobe is black, black, and more black. The belt has a reversible design, allowing you to brighten up that black outfit with a gorgeous leopard print, or turned around it is a classic little black belt great for those lighter and brighter outfits. The belt is adjustable to many sizes, and its buckle is complimentary to those classic black ensembles. The Gancio buckle is Ferragamo’s signature buckle, and one that will never go out of style. The gold buckles are in his signature shape –similar to a horseshoe—with the middle clasp engraved with the Ferragamo insignia of course!

The Reversible Gancio Belt. There’s nothing like a reversible belt to make a fashionista’s day! This delightful belt has a trendy edge to it on the one side, while if you flip it over you have that classic little black leather belt at your disposal. This is the kind of belt that will be worn all the time, thanks to it’s neutral light and dark colors that can contrast any outfit and add some shine with its classic silver buckle. An instantly recognized buckle, and the centerpiece to your outfits, you just can’t go wrong. The bisque color is perfect if you have a lot of dark colors in your wardrobe, as is the silver buckle, if you are more inclined to wear silver accessories. The double Gancio buckles clasp together very easily with the Ferragamo engraved silver clasp.

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