5 Tips for Successful Fashion Blogging

Over the last year or two, people have been asking me, how do you do it? They want to know how I transitioned into a life as a digital nomad, they want to know how I travel the world and work on my own terms. People think I must be sitting around a pool with a margarita in my hand at all hours of the day, and sometimes I am! But the truth is, I often get to miss out on seeing things when I have so many deadlines, and I need to meet my deadlines if I want to eat and have a roof over my head. The difficulties on the road can be many, not having wifi is the worst, and another is trying to juggle sightseeing and your social life, and staying on top of the work. This often leads to a bit of stress when deadlines are not met with my clients. All that being said however, I would not change it for anything else in the world… except maybe the life of a bonafide rockstar!

I am lucky in the sense that I am my own boss, I work my own hours – sometimes at 3am since I am a night owl, and yes I do get to work from anywhere with my best friend, a.k.a. my trusty laptop. Another great thing as a fashion blogger, is that I get to see fashion from all around the world, meet local designers, and discover great new brands that I would have never had the chance to discover otherwise. Below are some of the tips and tricks I have learnt along the way, and an insight into my oh—so-glamorous life (and sometimes very much NOT glamorous life) jet-setting the globe doing what I love most, which is talking fashion, makeup and tech.

Tip 1: Get yo-self edu-ma-cated!  I have to admit I had a good start in life, having studied Media Arts and Journalism in college, writing always came easily to me. Originally I really wanted to just focus on video work since I am a filmmaker, but somehow the writing work just naturally happened. So I would suggest if you want to write, take a few classes, and just write, write, write, and before you know it, it will be effortless! For the fashion side of things, have a handful of your favorite sites that you love to browse through, and just always stay updated each day, all the time! You must, if this is going to be your niche!

Tip 2: Make sure you LOVE it!  When you begin writing, you must choose a niche (or a few niches) and stick to these no matter what. People like to work with people who specialized in what they are after. Also, if you specialize, then you have less to do as far as keeping up with the “latest and greatest” of everything! Most importantly, you must love it, because then it will not be a chore! If you get to write about (and research) things you love, this will not feel like a job!

Tip 3: Get a sample portfolio together. You must do this to show people what you can do. So give yourself a little homework and write about 5-6 blog posts that you can show to potential clients. Make sure they have a real style to them, one that is recognizable as your own style, and again, make sure you stick for the 2-3 niches you want to focus on.

Tip 4: Join a few freelancing sites. The best way to get yourself out there is to begin by joining a few freelancing sites and working for peanuts…. Or less than peanuts! This is what I did, and before long I started getting lots of work and I could charge a little bit more. More importantly however, I ended up being recruited by loads of sites and companies wanting me to write for them regularly. This is where the bread and butter is! Once I knew I had regular blog work, traveling on my blogging funds was no longer a scary thought! There are also specific blogging sites you can join to be in touch with companies specifically looking for bloggers.

Tip 5: Get internet famous. By this I mean, get YOUR OWN BLOG started as well, and keep it regular. No less than 3 posts per week, and after a year you will definitely see the benefits and some money will start trickling in for sure! Make sure you have a logo, and you really brand yourself in your niche are as a fashionista. Even more importantly, OWN your title as a fashionista! Update your Instagram account all the time, or whichever social media you choose as your main social media tool, but do not get bogged down trying to be on every single social media site… it’s too draining! Make sure you always interact with your readers, or other Instagrammers in my case, and always be friendly and go out of your way. Remember, one of these people could be your contact to the next level! Plus, you’ll make loads of great friends along the way!

What I have realized with myself, and with other fellow fashionista bloggers, is that the ones who are regular and persevere the most, get the results! Give it a year or two of full time passion and cheap as chips work, but I promise you it will pay off!

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