Sports Merchandising Guru

Born in New England, John Smith is a US Navy Vet residing in the Sunny Southwest. John studied at Northwestern University, and began his career working as a Personal Trainer at Fitness First before entering the military.

After seven years serving for the US Navy, John decided to combine his leadership skills with his love of sports –he is a big Cardinals fan– and started up his first online retail store. After receiving such an overwhelming and unexpected amount orders within his first few months, John decided to take his business from “hobby” status to the next level and now devotes all of his time to his online brands.

His two sites are focused on what he loves most, the first being a sports merchandising store, and the second a designer T Shirt brand sporting the latest and greatest T shirt designs from the hilarious to the more sports oriented designs. His love of sports, pets and pop culture has made for some very popular T Shirt designs and some extremely wonderful gifts. John looks forward to taking his businesses to the next level, when he will officially open his first sports merchandising store in Miami in 2016.

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