Share Your Campervan With The World

So you’ve finally made the decision, there will be no more pussy footing around, you are going to make your campervan available to campers once and for all! You’ve decided it’s time to share the love, make some money in your sleep, and give your beloved van the road trip it so deserves, even if with perfect strangers.


Congratulations, you are making an uber important decision, one that will not only bring you a healthy revenue, but also the opportunity to meet new people from around the world, and share your beloved campervan with others who will make some of their own great memories with it as well. Isn’t it wonderful when we can all share the love?


Now that you have joined the Share a Camper family, your campervan won’t need to collect dust anymore, and you won’t need to wash it down as often as you used to. The decision has been made, so it is time to get to work and learn a few things that might help you along your Share a Camper journey. This begins with our Welcome Pack, full of goodies and information for you to read up on.


After clinking champagne glasses or beers in celebration of your new business, the first thing on your To Do list will be to go over all the reading material in the Welcome Pack so you will know exactly what to do when the first campers arrive at your doorstep.


In the pack you will find the following items:


  • A Share a Camper bumper sticker! Woohoo! Yes, we know that bumper stickers are a dime a dozen, but ours is way cooler! If you sport it around on your car, more people will join the community, and the larger our community gets, the more your new business has potential to boom.


  • 2x Keep Left stickers. These are very important reminders for our overseas campers driving in NZ.


  • 2x No Smoking If you prefer a smoke-free zone in your campervan, then these are perfect for you.


  • Driver Safety Pamphlets. These pamphlets are reminders of local road rules and of basic driving protocol. Designed for our overseas campers, but definitely worth a read for our Kiwi drivers as well.


  • The Pre-Hire Checklist. This is a comprehensive list of all the details relating to the individuals’ hiring your campervan, and the actual details in relation to the campervan itself. The van cannot move an inch before this form has been filled out by both parties. The form can also be found on our website at the following link: xxxx



  • 6x Share A Camper Cover Stickers. These are brilliant little white stickers that we came up with, they will cover your NZMCA membership wings like a glove. Make sure you use them at all times when you are hiring out. You get 3 pairs for free to start off with, and more can be ordered online as needed. For more stickers please head to here: xxxx


  • Flyers and advertising material for your new campervan friends will also be included in the pack. This shows your new buddies what a great host you are!


  • A sticker and a keyring as a little welcome gift from Share a Camper and New Zealand Roadside Assistance.


One of the main purposes of the Welcome Pack is to assist you in making your hire business go as smoothly as possible. This begins of course, with educating travellers about our local road rules, camping responsibly, and keeping our beautiful little country as safe and clean as can be.


For more articles about these topics you can head on over to the Share a Camper links below: xxxx



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