Online Dating Can Feel Like A War Zone

Online dating can seem overwhelming or weird to some, while to others it can seem like a jungle or a war zone! This is why finding the perfect website niche for you is imperative. New research has suggested that online dating leads to higher marriage satisfaction, and if you really look at the statistics, more and more marriages in India are starting off with an online date.

While the online dating market is at a massive high in the US, UK and China, India is apparently growing at an extraordinary rate, and is not lagging too far behind. Here are some fun statistics to sit with if you are considering signing up, but are still on the fence… A whopping 67% of 18-28 year olds in India are apparently getting into the online dating game, and as many as 42% of females! If that’s not a sure sign that online dating is the way to go, then what is?

With we offer a very niche experience to our users, the site is specifically catered to Indian men and women looking for cupid’s arrow to cross their path. Not only do we offer the option of dating, but we also offer features that will match you up with people that are on the same pathway and wavelength as you. Whether you are looking to get into the dating game and pace yourself slowly, or you are looking for a bride or a groom and would like to find your prince charming (or princess) without too many dates and lost time, we can easily cater to all your needs and requirements.

When you sign on, you will be in a safe and secure online environment, one where you will be able to share only as much information as you feel comfortable with sharing. Based on your specifics, we will then match you with your potential soul mates based on location, personality type, language, education, region, caste, height, weight, hobbies, and much more.

What’s so great about all of this? Well, apart from the fact that you are making that first very important step toward meeting your future husband or wife, you are also not going to be charged a single rupee! That’s right, it’s totally free to sign up and browse your potential mates’ profiles. Your data is also 100% secure as we follow hippa compliance and encourage as many users as possible to validate their details. By validating details, users can be sure that the information on their potential mates’ profiles are indeed 100% accurate and true.

Join the online revolution today and make your dreams a reality rather than a faraway dream! Join today for free and let the new chapter of the rest of your life begin immediately!


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