Why is custom made jewelry better?

Having something special and unique on your ring finger is just as important as having a treasured little something embracing your wrist, or a uniquely-you design slithering over your collarbone. The main problem with jewelry nowadays is that most of it is mass-produced and sold in large franchised jewelry stores. This often means that you will end up wearing pieces that other people are wearing on a large scale, or if not, pieces that they have likely seen in one of the latest catalogs. Let’s face it, it’s just not the same when you know you are wearing an item that is being worn by many others as well.

Another issue with mass manufactured jewelry is that it is often made from cheaper materials, using machinery and not the artistry of the human hand. There really is something to be said about handmade pieces, when a piece of jewelry is made by an artisan it carries with it –especially in regard to the stones—something a little more authentic and spirited.

At Artware we truly live by the ideology that jewelry should be a wearable form of art. Each piece –designed and created by our artists– is a work of art in its own right. Our designs definitely have that wow factor attracting compliments and turning heads. Our jewelry collections are created by our hand picked Middle Eastern artists, some have been honing their skills for several generations, while others have been working on unique modern twists to the traditional Middle Eastern designs. We work with all kinds of materials, but our silver designs are by far our most popular pieces.

Next time you consider ordering jewelry online, or deciding on a gift for someone special, do remember the great advantages of custom made jewelry and the beauty of boutique brands over the run-of-the-mill mass-produced pieces that thousands of others will also be wearing. If you want to gift someone something truly unique, surely knowing that their gift is a one of a kind, will be all the more special.

Written for http://www.artware.me


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