Author of The Body Language Guide

Tom Smith works as a consultant, corporate trainer and public speaker assisting both international companies and small businesses in the areas of consumer, relationship and workplace psychology. Tom’s first interests in psychology began early on in life in the family furniture store. Tom developed a bit of a knack for deciphering the body language of customers, determining whether they were browsers or buyers to the amusement of the family, and rarely was he incorrect.

After completing his Ph.D. Tom worked for a major advertising firm in New York before branching out to do private consulting, further research, and begin the writing of his first book. Tom’s work has been featured in press and television, and has attracted the likes of Hollywood actors and filmmakers alike. Much of Tom’s work has been featured in professional journals for the social sciences, anthropology and psychology. Today Tom continues to work as a consultant and university professor, and is working on his second and third books to be released in the coming year.

Photo credit: Man and woman waiting on a sofa by Iofilolo (Getty Images)



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