Style Seat Description

StyleSeat has a special spot reserved just for you with the talented Qui Stylez. Specializing in hair and beauty in the Dallas area, Qui is a traveling artist with a creative touch and some kick ass customer education to match! A licensed beauty therapist, Qui has specialized in hair care for over 7 years, always staying in touch with the latest trends and products on the market. In Qui’s words… Hair is life. Therefore, treating your locks with the utmost care at all times –even after you leave the salon– is vital. Qui will pay special attention to the health and strength of your hair, giving you tips to take home with you, as well as a rockin’ style you will be proud to post! From cuts to colors, presses and relaxers, you are in great hands with Qui who will give you the most up-to-date information regarding the latest advances in hair technology and products. She will also supply you with all the information you require to maintain those delicious looking locks.

You can book your appointments directly at:

You can also check out Qui’s prices at Style Seat, as well as the most updated photos of her happy customers striking a pose. Qui looks forward to giving you the hair of your dreams!  Be sure to follow her on Instagram @Qui_Stylez

Written for Qui Stylez (Style Seat)


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