Writing Guide & Ordering

So you are thinking about ordering? Don’t hesitate, there is no time like the present! Cease the Day.

If you are thinking about kick-starting a regular blog or perhaps you need some web content for your shiny new site… then look no further! I have over 200+ positive reviews for my writing on various freelance sites, and I am also a regular blogger and copywriter for a couple of different brands.

People tend to like my conversational style of writing for blogs and descriptions. I have a bit of a knack for turning boring product descriptions into fun little stories that get people better acquainted with the product or service, and the needs of the customer.

Although most of my online content is written in a more conversational style, this will not always be the case. All will depend on the branding and demographic target we are writing for. At times the fun conversation pieces that I am known for will not be suited to your customers, and in that case we will whip out the “corporate hat” and go with more straight-edged content.

Please read my guide below for more info on my writing style and what I require from you before the writing process can begin. Don’t be scared, it’s just a few questions I need answered before I begin, so I can write the best content possible! When you are ready to order, simply go to one of my freelance sites and place your order, or contact me here.

Blog Guide

A little about me… I have over ten years experience working as a freelance writer, copywriter, blogger. I have a BA in Media Arts and Journalism, and I interned at Rolling Stone magazine for six months in college… yep, that’s how much I love writing! I also worked for major record labels in New York and LA in their publicity departments. This is where I got my start in writing for business and the press, meanwhile writing screenplays on the side for my other little passion… filmmaking. I am currently midway through a master’s in Anthropology at an Ivy League. I am also a full time freelance writer and videographer, traveling and living the life of a Digital Nomad. I’m a French/Kiwi mix who grew up in Melbourne and Paris, and moved to the US in my late teens. I still consider myself a New Yorker no matter where I live 🙂

I look forward to writing for you!

If you need a videographer or video editor, don’t hesitate to get in touch and I can send you links to my work.

Cheers, Mélanie

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