Read my bag, not my lips.

The latest little must-have in any fashionista’s closet is the make-a-statement (or not) Conversation Bag. What is so great about the conversation bag you might ask? Well, hello? Have you been living under a rock these last few months?

Conversation Bags (aka Statement bags) are the cooler, more chic way of making a statement or accessorizing. No need for the frumpy T-shirt with the funny quote anymore. Yes, T-shirts do have their time and place ladies! Sometimes when you’re rockin’ those heels and showing off those legs you worked so hard to get, the last thing on your mind is a scruffy old T-shirt or a kitsch necklace with a quote etched into it. Enter… Conversation Bag!

From clutches with statements such as My Cash or Diamonds are a girl’s best friend to tote bags with straight-faced quotes such as Eat Cake for Breakfast or Sold Out there is a quirky little (or big) bag out there for every girl’s fetish. If you really look around, you’ll find that in recent years the Conversation Bag has transformed from a once tacky souvenir shop purchase to an art piece clutch. Words are so delicately carved or embossed into these gorgeous bags, with the sleekest designer fonts to match! How can one resist such eye candy, especially when they find their perfect quote du jour!

The key to wearing a Conversation Bag the right way –and not overdoing it– is to make sure that you color match with your outfit and most definitely avoid too many colors. Some bags can be quite multi-colored so beware of falling into this trap! Take note here when I say DO NOT wear a Conversation Bag with any other accessories or clothing that also have writing on them. Just like with your makeup or accessories… remember that less is more if you want to avoid a ride on the tacky-express.

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