Youthful forever… Spruce up your eyes!

When you take good care of your eyes, it shows both short term and long term. Eyes are the first thing to show age and fatigue when not taken care of properly, so be sure to get on the spruce -express if you want to stay young and fresh for as long as possible.

The first Spruce Rule is Moisture – with a capital M. If the skin around your eyes is not moisturized daily, you are in for a future or crinkly eyes and puppy dog sag, and that is sure to add an extra five to ten years to anyone! So be sure to use an eye cream and moisturizer daily, however daily does not mean just once a day! No, no, no! Daily means –morning and night, as well as an SPF to prevent sun damage around the delicate eye area as you go about your day.

The second rule of thumb for eye spruce, is eyelashes! Whether your eyelashes are thick and long or not, everyone should really be using an eye serum, such as the Flash Eyelash Serum. This will add volume and length to your lashes, or at least maintain the volume and length you already have. As you age, eyelashes do become weaker and thinner, so maintaining a healthy set of lashes requires feeding them some good stuff! Keep your lashes in good health, and use an eye curler to turn them up and give the illusion of larger eyes, and you will be rocking!

Last but not least, what keeps eyes youthful and bright, is maintaining the white! That’s right, keeping the whites of your eyes as white as possible will make you look younger and more energized! In fact, one of the first things always airbrushed in magazines are the whites of the eyes. There are many ways to whiten your eyes, the first being… yes we are going to use the D-word, DIET. The more alkaline your diet and the least amount of processed foods you swallow, the healthier your skin and eyes will be. Sugars , fats, cigarettes, alcohol and caffeine are the enemies of bright white eyes. Fresh vegetables, especially carrots, and foods rich in vitamin C, these are the things that will brighten every girl’s whites. Most importantly however, is H2O. Water is not only your skin’s best friend, but also your eyes’ best friend. For a few makeup tricks, you can also try using a blue eyeliner or mascara, and using blue eye drops. The blue in the eye drops and makeup will counteract any yellow or red tinge and make your whites look magically whiter!


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