Wonder Grill Mats

Are you sick and tired of food falling through the cracks when you BBQ? Make this a thing of the past with the Wonder Grill mats! Save yourself that extra cleaning time so you can spend more time eating that juicy steak! The Wonder Grill mat is of the highest quality, and is also environmentally-friendly, free of chemicals, PFOA-free, and FDA approved.

There are three mats in this set, two of them are the regular sized 13” x 16” mats, and the other is an extra large mat, 16” x 20”. Having the option of more than one mat, and the option of different sizes is perfect for when you are entertaining or having a busy family dinner. The mats keep food tender and juicy, and are great for meat, poultry, eggs, vegetables, fruit, and even cookies! You can also throw a pizza on here, and have a nice crispy slice in no time at all.

The mats are durable, light and portable, non-stick, and the hidden plus is that they can be used on both sides. Using a mat is a much more hygienic way to cook on your BBQ, especially on public BBQs, and it also saves using foil which you later throw away. Rather than cooking on a surface that might not be 100% clean, try the Wonder Grill Mats next time and you will notice and all around difference. They are dishwasher safe and durable, with most people using them over many years. Mats can also be cut to shape and size, to match your particular grill.


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