Upload Your F@#t! Screenplay


Dialog for the voiceover artists
Action sequences for the animator


Do you like to laugh?

We jump cut to a group of school boys with their backpacks on their backs, they are laughing their heads off and pointing at you, the viewer.

Do silly things like farts make you laugh?
Schoolboy “Freddy” farts. He jumps in reaction to his unexpected “pop” and holds his hands to his butt. His head is turned around staring at the viewer in horror!

Then buddy, you’ve come to the right place!
We see Freddy in MS looking at the camera, smiling with a thumbs up sign and proud look on his face.

Yes! It’s an embarrassing subject for many.
We see a pretty school girl surrounded by her following of lovestruck school boys. Suddenly she farts and turns bright red. All the boys scatter and disappear.


We see a school boy fart and blush, and his friends suddenly scatter and disappear.

(Idea!! The school kids can be in modern clothes, or dressed in cave man clothes, showing it has been like this since the beginning of time.)

Yes! It’s a taboo subject.
We see a rich lady in a fur coat, fart. The lady blames it on her little poodle. The poodle blushes, turning bright red. The poodle is a real frilly poodle, covered in pink ribbons. A comic strip bubble could say “…because it’s not embarrassing enough looking like this?!”

Some people apparently don’t fart… or so they say!
We see a ballet dancer twirl and then raise her leg up in the air so gracefully. Classical music is playing, and then as she raises her leg, the music stops and a fart escapes! She turns bright red.

Somewhere in history, someone decided it was not ok to fart.
We see a Queen on her thrown with her sceptre, announcing in a bubble comic strip: “there shall be no more farting in this kingdom!” We hear off screen a crowd roar and applaud.

We get it, some people might be offended by this concept… even though it’s natural and everyone does it!
Freddy farts and then laughs…. he is standing next to a pretty girl who sticks her nose in the air and walks off.

But the truth is, we are not walking around shooting bullets.
We see Freddy dressed in army gear shooting a gun, then he flies away in the wind or turns to dust.

We are walking around shooting uh…. blanks!?
We see Freddy on one side of the screen, shooting a fart across to the other side of the screen, from his rear end.

We are not making people cry.
We see Freddy balling his eyes out, tears flying about the screen.

We are making them laugh!
We see Freddy laughing his head off pointing at a friend who has just farted, with a bright red face.

Farts are funny.  Laughter is great medicine. And that’s where Upload Your Fart comes in!
Logo shoots out like a fart into centre screen.

So how does it work? What’s it all about?
Freddy looks at the viewer scratching his head, confused.

When you get to Upload Your Fart you can (A) Go browse our videos
We see Freddy on his computer laughing and pointing at the screen.

OR (B) Upload your squeaky, windy, trumpet sounding videos (via our upload center) for the world to see and hear.
We see Freddy standing in front of a camera on a tripod, farting and jumping in the air.

Be as creative as you want to be!
We see Freddy rapping, as his friend accompanies him as a farting beat-box.

Really go for it!
We see Freddy the contortionist bending out of shape and farting.

The great part is! You can share your newfound talents and favorite farts on social media with your friends!
Then we flick to a laptop computer screen with the exact same image of Freddy in the contortionist pose. Underneath are a few “comments” saying “Awesome fart!’ “You rocked it!” “What did you eat for that whopper?”

Some people are entertained by Mozart
We see an audience watching a violinist

Some people are entertained by comedians
The violinist falls back like a domino and is replaced by a comedian in the same spot.

And some people are entertained by farts
The comedian falls back like a domino, and is replaced by a guy “performing” a fart in front of a laughing audience.

Upload Your Fart is just another form of entertainment. When we laugh we relieve stress, we are in the present moment, and our problems are miles away. So don’t fight us, fart with us! After all, it’s only natural.
Freddy is talking directly to the viewer, with hands gesturing. At the end of this dialogue, he accidentally farts, jumping in the air a little, and then puts his hand on his mouth as he says “oups!”  At first he blushes, and then he giggles.

Oh and before you leave! Don’t forget to become our official Farting Friends. The first 100 people to become official ‘Farting Friends’ will have a lifetime free membership and even get free giveaways, and free entry into our comps! Cool stuff!
Freddy stands to the side of the screen and Max Gas jumps into full frame and with big and happy gestures tells the viewer about ‘Farting Friends’. After he finishes explaining, the two friends get on their skateboards and skate off screen. Screen is white.

UYF logo cross dissolves into the middle of the white screen. The logo then farts across the screen, and a few giggles are heard in the background.

Dissolve to black.



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