Traveling like a true travelista

The problem with traveling and staying fashionable is that you are only allowed a measly 22kgs (48lbs) on most flights, which leaves you with next to nothing to pack into your treasure chest. Add a few shoes into the mix –one little pair of heels, some walking shoes and some sandals for the beach, and you are already halfway to exceeding your baggage limits. So how does a fashionista deal with such a dilemma?

Let me be honest, you are never going to have everything you want, that’s just the reality of traveling… unless you can travel in your private jet with your pooch, stylist, and crates of clothing like Paris Hilton. However, this does not mean you cannot still pull it off, so do not shed a tear.

First things first, you need to take it easy on the shoes. I know! It’s a heartbreaking reality, but you need to! So, for the shoe side of things, bring a colorful pair of heels and a black pair that will go with everything. Now you will be sorted for all your nights out salsa dancing til the madrugada. Then you must obviously bring a pair of walking shoes so you are not limping around the ruins clutching on to a packet of band aids that won’t stick. Then last but not least, you need sandals or flip flops for those days where you are glamorously lounging around the hotel or the pool.

Now, on to the clothes front, if you know you are going to be out and about clubbing or at glammed up events, you can get away with about three different dresses, dresses of different colors and styles. Then for the rest, have a couple of comfy walking-around-town outfits, and never forget your swimsuit, even if you are going skiing. If there are no beaches or sunshine in sight, there will still be heated pools and saunas, and you don’t wanna miss out on those.

Last but not least, your survival as a traveling fashionista will depend on your accessories. Accessories do not take up too much room, so you can go a tad crazy on the scarves, sarongs, earrings, rings, necklaces, headbands and all that good stuff. As you know, you can make an outfit look completely unrecognizable with a different set of accessories!

As a rule of thumb, have a little cash put aside especially for a few small purchases, since people have different styles in different places and you might want to pick up a few local items so you can dress it up local style.

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