To tan or not to tan?

Although I have olive skin, for years I would head to my fave sun bed just off of Prince Street in Manhattan’s Soho to get my fix. I have to admit because I tan easily, I only really needed to go about once or twice a month. I was not trying to become a weather beaten leathery looking Snooky, I just wanted that slight summer glow throughout the winter months. The other added bonus I got from the sun bed was the light! Believe it or not, whenever I would walk out of there I felt on top of the world… no more winter blues! In Scandinavian countries they use light therapy lamps in the wintertime to lower depression, and frankly that’s what the sun bed did for me. So really, sun beds were a win/win for me.

That being said, I have a few friends who will go into a sun bed 3-4 times in one week, and you seriously cannot notice the difference! Then there are all the health scares out there about sun beds causing cancer –which quite honestly, I believe only happens if you use them too much. Using them once or twice a month like I did was moderate, and anything in moderation is fine in my books, but that’s just me.

Despite my love of the occasion sun bed sesh, I did go through my spray tanning phase after moving to Sydney and seeing the Aussie obsession with spray tans. But I hated them! My hands were always orange, my bed sheets were a mess, and my white bras were permanently brown. I can barely apply nail polish evenly, and now I was expected to paint my entire body evenly! Then I started looking at all the ingredients in these things, most of them I could not even pronounce! So it got me looking into the organic options.

I am still a sun bed lover, but I have tried a few of the organic tanning products out there, and they do work just as well as the mainstream brands, and the added plus is that they do not stain your clothing permanently, and they don’t poison you with parabens and other ugly synthetic ingredients. Remember, whatever you put on your skin, your skin will swallow and send to your bloodstream, so you must always be just as aware of what is going on to your body, as well as what is going into your body.

If you are thinking of venturing into the world of the all-year-tan, I would suggest yes yes yes! But don’t overdo it. Get your glow on, without turning into an orange. Don’t go too dark either, especially if your natural coloring is light. If you are very fair, spray tans are likely a better option than sun beds for you. If you need to do more than one sun bed session a week to get any real color, then spray tans should be your tanning option.

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