Tips to make lashes grow

We all want lush thick eyebrows and eyelashes to frame our faces and open our eyes, however not all of us are blessed with the thickness or length we so desire. So what are some tips and tricks to use if you are looking to grow some spectacular lashes?

Growth serum is certainly the number one solution for growing your dream lashes. So how does a growth serum work on the eyelashes you might wonder? A lash serum is basically made up of a high concentration of active ingredients, including proteins, which feed nutrition directly into the lash follicle and coat the actual lash itself in order to strengthen it. Given the high concentration of nutrition in the serum, the hair is then able to grow at a slightly faster rate than usual, and will also be stronger and thicker due to this natural coating.

As well as your serum regime, there are a few other things you can do to achieve your perfect lash. These are simple things that you can do each morning as you wake up, and before bed. A little trick that Italian women have used for generations is olive oil. Simply add some olive oil to your lids, and watch them grow and become shiny as new. The olive oil is rich in vitamins and minerals, so overnight your lashes will soak up these nutrients as you sleep. Another option you can use, or alternate with Olive Oil, is Vaseline. Apply this to your eyelids at night, and believe or not, it will actually lengthen your eyelashes over time.

An important step in the upkeep of eyelashes –meaning faux lashes and lashes au naturale—is the simple action of brushing! That’s right, brushing! I know it sounds weird, but include this in your beauty regiment and you will see what a difference it makes. So now you can brush your hair, your teeth, as well as your brows and lashes before bed. Brushing stimulates the hair follicle and helps to lengthen the hair as well.

Last but not least, when you are lying in bed before you fall asleep, give your lids a mini massage. Massage actually helps to strengthen and stimulate the lash follicles, resulting in stronger longer lashes. However, when massaging, use a serum or Vaseline, and be very gentle, so as to prevent breakage. Also, try using your pinky and ring fingers, as these fingers will place less pressure on your eyes, preventing breakage and stretching of the delicate skin around the eyes.


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