The proper way to arch brows

Contouring is a very important part of makeup, and very easy to do once you get your “face map” figured out, however eyebrows are even more important for a gal’s face in my opinion. They brighten you up, give you some elegance and glamour, and make you look made-up even if you have not applied any (or much) makeup at all.

Once you have figured out your brow “points” then you can begin with a wax or pluck of the brows, getting rid of the excess or strays that are not in line with your eyebrow points. But until then, do not proceed! Practiced a handful of times, you’ll be able to do this blind folded, so don’t let the first try or technicality scare you off!

The first step to eyebrow heaven is marking the start and end points for your lovelies. For the inner start point, draw an imaginary straight line up from the corner of your inner eye and mark it with a dot. For the end point, draw an imaginary line from the edge of your nose to the corner of your outer eye and keep the line going up toward your brow area. Mark this spot with another dot as this will be your brow’s end point.

Finding your arch point is exactly the same as finding your end point, so draw a line from the edge of your nose to your brow, but this time passing through the middle of your pupil. Where the line ends, this is where your natural arch should be for your face and eye shape, so mark it with another dot. This technique is so scarily accurate!

So now that you know where your brow points are, and hopefully you have marked them, draw the bottom line in with your pencil, followed by the top line, and then the fun coloring-in begins! To color your brows in, you have two choices; you can use an eyebrow powder or an eyebrow pencil, or both. Make sure both are matched to your brow color, especially the shadow. I find the shadows to often be quite orange in their undertones, and this can make the brows not look as natural. Sometimes an actual eye shadow will be better matched for color, and a great place to start looking for this I found was at the Mac Cosmetics eye shadow counter.

Now shadows are a great way to fill in sparse eyebrows, but I find that pencils do give a sharper end result. With a pencil however, you must become a bit of an artist! When using a pencil, very lightly dab and flick through the area, so as to give the illusion of hair, and to not give the illusion of those ugly drawn-on brows. Then to finish the look, apply a clear eyebrow gel to “fluff” them up lightly, and then a thin dusting of powder to keep them sealed for the rest of the day. Yay! I love great eyebrows!


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