Real Estate Education

Business for sale. Real estate business with user-friendly website.

Are you looking for a new direction? We are offering a very unique opportunity to buy into a real estate business model with a unique twist. This is not your run-of- the-mill real estate business, with this unique model you will be involved in the exciting area of real estate marketing, with a focus on real estate products and seminars.

This education niche is designed to simplify and demystify the real estate market for individuals interested in property investment, renovating, real estate development, as well as the acquisition of funds and the creation of wealth through property investment. It is also a great business scheme for people specifically interested in an additional stream of income in an ever-growing industry. Whether your time is limited or not, there is opportunity to work professionally in a full time or part time capacity.

As a part of this business purchase, is a user-friendly and customizable website, the rights to resell any of the programs and products, and most importantly guidance and assistance with your new business. There is a training seminar included, which will show you how exactly to run the business and attain those customers, and live weekly training in the form of live seminars and live phone calls.

There is no need for a real estate license or experience in the real estate industry as extensive training and support are provided to all successful applicants.

Highly motivated individuals, and those with a desire to own their own business are highly sought after for this unique opportunity.

This business model lends itself to all lifestyles, and can easily be adapted to your current work or lifestyle, either as a full time or part time business. This will suit people who desire a more flexible, low cost alternative to a traditional business model.

Investment ranges from $2500 to $27,500.

You can click the link below to find out more, and begin the journey toward your business dreams.

Classified Ad. Interested in starting your own an online business now?

We are a unique real estate business with a twist. We assist customers in property acquisition, investment, renovation, and creating real estate portfolios. There is no experience or real estate license necessary for this opportunity. We do NOT sell real estate, we educate about real estate!

This business offers the opportunity to work within your own hours. To find out more please click the following link.

Job Application

Are you interested in creating your own business within the real estate education industry?

We are seeking motivated individuals, with a creative mind and a dynamic edge, people who really want to succeed in business. If you think you have what it takes to work in this real estate niche, then read on!

With this unique opportunity, you will be able to create a business and lucrative income within your current schedule, whether part time or full time. You will have the flexibility to work when you like and have the freedom to work from wherever you like with no concerns for staff, having an office, or other overheads.

Click the following link to find out more…

Job Application 2

We are calling all young and motivated individuals out there to join this unique real estate business opportunity. If you are already a business owner, but you are sick and tired of being a jack of all trades –a bookkeeper, marketing guru, SEO whiz, Adwords pro, copywriter, HR genius, tax man, office cleaner, cheerleader, networking butterfly, hirer and firer, strategist, etc. then this could be the gig for you! Once you have paid everyone, it’s often hard to make a DECENT living, but there is an answer to all your worries… please do read on!

This opportunity will allow you to focus on the one thing you are very knowledgeable on, the one thing you are REALLY great at doing… selling! That’s right, connecting with people, listening, building rapport, assisting people with starting their own businesses, and of course, real estate. This opportunity is truly ROCK SOLID. It is an opportunity for people looking to get involved with one of the best business opportunities currently available in the country, an opportunity to connect with passionate like-minded and highly motivated people. This is a truly life-changing opportunity for the right individuals.

Seeking: Five highly motivated and energetic sales people to join our team. This opportunity is for individuals who have the potential to be online business superstars!

What we offer:

  • The highest commission in the real estate industry.
  • The ability to help young people with one of the biggest decisions of theirlives –buying their first home.
  • A sales and business environment like no other.
  • Dinners, awards & tons of recognition!Must haves:
  • Positivity is key!
  • Ethical and integral by nature
  • A love for helping others
  • A pro at listening, building a quick, genuine and solid rapport with people
  • Driven and 100% on board with the business
  • Very strong work ethic
  • Persistence and a relentless personalityAttitude is EVERYTHING. Previous sales experience is not a must!

    If you tick all the boxes, and this sounds like your dream job… then be sure to email us with a cover letter explaining why you believe this opportunity would be life changing, and why it is so well fitted to you.

Business For Sale

Exciting and unique business for sale: Real Estate Education with included website and full training!

If you are looking for a change, but not just any change. If you are after something new, unique and exciting… then stop right there, and be sure to read on!

The opportunity to get involved in a business with both flexibility and freedom, the ability to work whenever you like and from anywhere with little or no overheads, this is what we can offer you!

In the real estate education industry, we provide people with products and seminars, teaching about all the new and innovative aspects of the industry, from raising finance to renovation, negotiating and much more.

No prior experience is necessary, nor is a real estate license. Just a desire to be successful and an interest in real estate. Oh and by the way… we do NOT sell real estate!

As a part of this unique business venture, we offer full training, a fully customizable and user-friendly website, live online conferences three times per week, and much more training assistance.

This is a business model suited to anyone who is truly wanting to make a difference in the world… more importantly a difference to the lives of others. If you are motivated, creative, and seriously looking for a change in your path, then this might be the very thing for you! To find out more, be sure to click on the following link…

We look forward to building this exciting dream into a reality with you!

Business For Sale

Innovative and unique real estate education business for sale. Website and full training included.

A real estate education company, with a great track record, we are looking to sell our business to the right candidate.

If you are motivated and searching for success in an ever expanding industry, then this could be the right match for you! No experience is necessary as full and comprehensive training is included in the package, as long as you are a true go- getter and have a willingness to immerse yourself and learn it all!

We do all the groundwork for you, starting with the building of the website, which will enable you to handle orders and customers with the click of a mouse. This begins with a full two-day training course teaching you client acquisitions, and well as how to develop and manage your marketing plan and business in general.

The range of products we have a truly innovative and exciting! They are also products which are in high demand with potential customers waiting for them! For more information about this business you can click on the following link below or call this number:

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