Lip color trends 2015

After taking a bit of a vacay from the stage, red lipstick seems to be back in the spotlight this season. Lipstick trends are heading back to the vintage reds of old Hollwood, and what a great era that was! Not to mention a great excuse to dress up more! Smokey eyes matched to some fire engine red lips, these are the trends for the red carpet this season, and any fashionista’s social schedule.

There are a few very different red lipsticks being talked about at the moment, so different that there will be one matched to every type of lipstick wearing gal out there. The first on the list is Revlon’s Just Bitten kissable stain. This is for those ladies who are a little intimidated by the regular glossy and saturated lipsticks. Just Bitten will stain your lips, leaving a red pigmented finish that dissolves into your pout making you feel like you were born with it. The next hot lippy on the list is by Tarte Cosmetics. If you are a natural girl who tends to lean toward the more natural-type products, then this is definitely the one for you! With natural products such as avocado, shea butter and even mango (yum!) you’ll have to resist eating it for sure! This gorgeous red lipstick will moisturize your smackers, rather than dry them out as many of the reds tend to do, plus it smells delish! Then last but not least, the talk of the town is Giorgio Armani’s Maestro in Red, which comes in a beautiful long sleek casing unlike any other. The product itself glides on smoothly leaving your lips feeling like velvet. A true gem indeed, one that glides on like no other.

Now you can rock your red lips down the supermarket aisle or at a gallery opening with a champagne flute in one hand. Make a splash this season, and be sure to own that red just like Gwen or Taylor do!


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