Lash life hacks

Makeup artists know all the tips and tricks out there when it comes to makeup and how to apply it. So we want to share with you some of the trade secrets to help you achieve your dream lashes with ease and precision, and in half the time!

For ease and precision, as you pull your lash wand out of the tube, bend the tip ever so gently until it is perpendicular to the handle. This shape will enable you to reach each and every lash with a lot more ease and no more accidental black smudges on your nose.

If you are not into the clump look –although it’s in fashion this season— then place your mascara tube into a cup of hot water to make the product thinner and clump-less. This is great for mascara that is starting to dry out… but as we all know, if it is drying out, it’s generally time to chuck it out and replace it anyway.

If your obsession is thickening those fine lashes of yours, try dusting a thin coating of powder over your lashes, between the first and the second coat, this trick works wonders! This is the trade secret for all fashion photography makeup artists and why cover girls have such lush lashes as they do!

It’s always a struggle perfecting the lower lashes, right? They tend to end up all clumpy or smudged onto your face, even with the most steadiest of hands. The answer to this dilemma is in the silver spoon. Place a silver (or plastic) spoon under your bottom eyelid with the curved side of the spoon facing outwards. Now apply your mascara horizontally or vertically, depending on the effect you are going for, and voila! No more shaky hand syndrome. You can also do this with your upper lashes. Another great trick if you are using a silver spoon, is to place the cold curved side of the spoon under each eye, until the spoon warms up. The coldness of the spoon will help alleviate any puffiness before your big night out!


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