Ideas for your fun summer pics

Once upon a time it was cool to be a photographer and display your photography in a real life art gallery or even an online one. Fast forward 2015 –that is so yesterday! Instagram and Pinterest took off, and before long everyone and their momma owned an even more professional camera than you! Everyone and their momma were posting online and even having their own gallery openings!

We are drowning in photography, so much so that we are actually at the point of not appreciating it. We are at the point where looking at beautiful pics isn’t even that special anymore! So how is the pure and simple photograph to be saved from a doomed existence you might wonder?

Enter… photography fashion! While you might be more familiar with term fashion photography, there is a now a much newer and cooler little term known as photography fashion. So what is this you might ask? It’s basically what you do with your photos after you come back from your tropical vacation or a crazy time in the studio creating your latest photographic masterpiece.

Why post on yet another online gallery, when you could take it one step further and turn it into something truly three dimensional and tangible? Don’t just show people your photography, let them taste it, touch it, embrace it… literally!

There are some cool artists out there taking photo fashion to another level, such as the gorgeous summery brand know as Lil Coconut Hawaii. Designer Amanda Dela Cruz has taken her love of Hawaii and photography to another level with her crafty little clutch and tote bags, all designed with delicious typography, words of wisdom quotes, and her unique photography of the Hawaiian islands and the West Coast of America. Another artist making waves in the fashion world is a little glam boutique known as DBTI or Don’t Blow The Illusion. Artist Robin Waters was inspired on a road trip from Ontario to Southern California, when she decided to launch her line of photographs in a wearable form. Today she has a successful uber-trendy collection of T-Shirts, tank tops and bikinis, all made from her photographic escapades.

For something super duper different and ultra creative, Lane Tanner Jewelry has taken photography into another wearable realm. Lane began using her husbands weekend hobby photography and incorporating it into her jewelry in her initial creations, and has a few years on, through both her own photography and her husband’s, created a stunning collection of necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, all based on the beautiful colors and shapes found on the Hawaiian islands where she lives.

With such people leading the way in creativity and photography, this area of tangible and fashionable photography is endless. Infinite possibilities are at your feet, so what are you waiting for?


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