I love my mascara clumpy

Clumpy eyelashes are the latest trending fashion of the moment. That’s right, get out your clumpy mascara out girls! Who would’ve thought (certainly not our mothers and grandmothers) that one day, clumps would be in! With new mascaras hitting the market, and clumpy looks hitting the runways, we are now officially on the clump-express.

Now, believe it or not, but the clumpy look can actually be a very seductive look if done correctly. The great thing about this look is that it can make fake lashes look all the more “real” or real lashes look all the more full.

This new trend is seriously as cool as the wrinkly shirt trend for the mere fact that it is a time saver! I mean, if you can halve your time not having to fan out your lashes each morning then why not add a little scruffiness into the mix.

The key here is to get the clumpy look happening without smearing it, yet keeping it uniform. So how is this achieved? Very easily! Begin by dotting a waterproof liner at the base of your lashes, then apply the first coat horizontally (as is normally done) and then follow this up by vertically pushing the brush on the tips of the lashes to gently gather them evenly. After you are done, be sure to let them dry so as not to end up with a mascara mess all over your face. As an added plus, you can grab a metal lash comb and use this to comb any parts that need a little breaking up.

This is a great and easy look to sport this season, so get your clump on divas!


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