I can’t find my…

Whether you are a digital nomad, a seasoned traveler or an occasion holidaymaker, you are going to fall in love with this awesome travel gadget. You might not travel with the kitchen sink in your backpack, but when you travel you can certainly travel with a Tile.

This cool little gadget is changing the way we lose things! Imagine if the world had lived with this gadget from day one, we would have had no problems finding weapons of mass destruction! [Insert: laughing emoji] On a more serious note however, people are flocking toward this little lifesaver as you can use it for finding practically anything!

So how does it work? Well basically, you attach the small white object to anything that you are in the habit of losing, and voila! Losing is a thing of the past. So the obvious ones are keys, remote controls, and god forbid, kids! Ok… that last one was a joke… I think! When you are traveling, it’s great to have a few of these on you, so you can attach them to your hotel keys, your GoPro, your phone, or even something like a bike, a portfolio, or a backpack. The way it works is that you access the Tile in question via an app on your phone –or a friend’s phone if you can’t find yours!—then an alarm goes off so you can follow the sound. It’s a great way to relieve stress and stop looking in the freezer for your keys or inside the Nutri Bullet for your purse. Now for something that might be a little further away than an earshot, you can send a message to fellow “Tilers” in your vicinity, and if they hear an alarm they can let you know where it’s coming from.

Pretty cool stuff, right? Just another cool invention that is not only incredibly helpful, but is also community-based and very affordable.


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