How to best wash your face for freshness and glow

While it might seem like something so simple and easy, after all we have been doing it our entire lives, many people are actually not doing it in the most beneficial way. Here are a few tips for aspiring beauty queens and the girl next door.

Begin by wetting your face with warm water, and with your fingertips apply your cleanser. Before applying it, rub it into a froth on your fingers, and then begin applying it all over the face in small circular motions. Take this opportunity to massage your face and get the oxygen flowing. After at least one minute of massaging, use ice cold water and a soft face sponge to remove the froth. To finish it all off, splash ice cold water over your face a few times, this will not only refresh your face and skin, but it will also close your pores, now that they are clean. Twice a week, use the exact same routine to exfoliate your face and get rid of those dead skin cells. Your face will thank you for it, with a baby smooth touch!

The main things to remember when washing your face: Be as gentle as possible. Do not rub your skin hard as you could stretch the delicate skin, especially around the eyes, and you can also cause it to get irritates, and no one wants to walk around with a red nose or excessively rosy cheeks all day. Also, remember to use warm water to open your pores for a deep cleanse, and cold water to close them afterwards. Once you close your pores this will keep your skin looking smoother, and it will protect it from blemishes, blackheads and dirt. Then last but not least, always follow up your wash with a toner suited to your skin type – oily, dry, mixed or normal—and a moisturizer to keep it plump, hydrated and youthful!


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