How to rock the red

For years I have admired those girls who can rock the bright red lips like they were born with them, meanwhile there I am peering back in the mirror looking like a clown or a 5-year old that hijacked her mom’s makeup bag. So how can I get the red and rock it anywhere, anytime, like these rockin’ babes?

The best tip is to try different shades of red before you buy. While red might just seem like “red” it comes in a million, maybe a trillion, different shades and tones. Depending on your skin color, skin undertone, and even your lip shape, some colors will actually suit you better than others even though they might seem so similar at a quick glance.

If you have light skin with a beige undertone, the best type of red for you will be a red with a golden (or an ever so slightly orange) undertone, and coral reds will work well also. For medium skin tones, meaning slightly tanned skin, you are the lucky gals who can wear the deep rich reds, so go all out and wear a bold red and rock it! If you have olive skin, fuschia and raspberry colored reds will compliment your your skin tone, while reds with a purple or plum base will suit gorgeous chocolate skin tones. For dark chocolate skin tones, you will be rockin’ it with ruby red lips and a slight blue undertone.

So next time you buy a red lipstick, be sure to try a few different shades on the inside of your wrist to test it out, and if possible ask a makeup artist to try a few tones on you in-store, before you make your choice. Trust me, once you have the perfect tone, you will be rockin the red like there’s no tomorrow!

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