How to really apply your moisturizer

After going through your cleansing and toning routine, you are then ready to bring moisture to your face! Moisturizing will ensure that you fight off fine lines for years to come and keep the skin plump and youthful.

The first thing in the moisturizing regime, is to use an eye cream. Eye creams are rich in certain vitamins and minerals and are better suited to penetrate the thin delicate skin around the eyes. An eye cream also helps with such things as puffiness, fine lines or dark circles –the most common problems of the eye area. Once you have found the eye cream best suited to your needs, you are ready to get started on the first part of the moisturizing!

Use a dime sized amount of your eye cream and spread it between your two ring fingers before patting it onto your lower and upper lids, as well as the outer corners of your eyes where crows feet and laugh lines form. There is nothing wrong with crow’s feet or laugh lines girls! They are natural and they add charm, warmth and personality to a face. So embrace these small light lines, but protect them from becoming harsh lines by using your eye cream morning and night. The reason we use our ring fingers only when applying anything to the eye area, is because this finger allows the perfect amount of pressure to be applied to the eye, without stretching and damaging the delicate skin. Also, it is best to pat the skin in this area, rather than glide the fingers along it.

After your eye cream, and once you have decided on the best creams for your skin type, the moisturizing begins! Remember to use a day cream to protect your skin from the environment –pollution, wind, sun, chemicals, etc.—while at night using a night cream allowing your skin to breathe easy and be nourished by minerals and vitamins. When applying your moisturizer make sure that you use enough so that your fingers can glide easily over your skin. Make sure that you use upward and circular movements that lift the face, and massage the entire face several times over until the cream feels as though it has been absorbed. This can be repeated a few times to allow for your face to be well massaged. Remember, a well-massaged face will stimulate the circulation and oxygen to the skin, allowing for more collagen production, thus plumping the skin and making it look more youthful. Also, the more moisture you bring to your skin through drinking water and using the right creams, the more your skin will be able to fight off those fine lines.


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