How to properly apply contour

Contouring is about the most important thing a girl can master, yet weirdly enough so few of us are rhymed in this art. If there is anything you don’t like about your face, or anything you would like to accentuate about your face, contouring is your best friend, and once you get a hang of it, it’s easy peasy!

At first it is a little daunting I must admit, I did think that contouring was something, which took hours and was reserved for weddings, the academy awards or the Kardashians, but boy was I wrong!

So the best way to begin is to dive in! By diving in you are going to cut to the chase and map your face. To begin you will need your existing foundation powder, and two foundation sticks or concealer sticks. One must be two shades lighter than your natural color, and the other two shades darker. Scary, I know! Don’t worry you are in safe hands here. The dark concealer will be for the contouring, and the light concealer for the highlighting.

With the darker stick, you will start by mapping out your face, and this is obviously different for everyone as we all have different areas we want to disguise or accentuate. Yes, you will look like a scary road map at first, but just bare with me, this will eventually be invisible and blended.

So what are the main tips and tricks for accentuating and diminishing different features? To bring out your cheekbones –and don’t we all want high cheek bones– start by feeling out where they are and then contour the area just below the bone with your dark concealer, while adding highlight to the actual cheek bone itself. If you have hollow cheeks however, resist any darkening of your hollow areas as this will just accentuate them. Rather, add some highlight to brighten them up and diminish shadow.

Next on the list of importance are noses! Many people are not completely satisfied with their noses, and this is where contouring comes in! No need for a nose job girls, just figure out how to contour! If you would like your nose to appear thinner, apply contour down the sides of the nose and a thin highlight down the middle; and for those who want a wider nose, make the highlight down the middle thick while also contouring the sides. To give the illusion of a longer nose, highlight the nose from the middle of the brows down to the tip, however for a short nose do not go all the way down to the tip and this will give your nose a shorter appearance. You can also apply contour to the tip of the nose between the nostrils to make your nose look shorter. For a straighter looking nose, draw two dark lines starting from the inner brow corners, down either side of the nose and add highlight down the middle in a straight line. These long straight lines will give the appearance of a straight nose. Also, contouring and highlighting lines that start from the brows and lead down to the nose, these will add more of a bridge to your nose if you have a low bridge.

Basically, you need to add highlight where you want to accentuate an area, and contour where you want to diminish an area. Once you have drawn your face map, then the next step is to use a blending brush to blend the lines into your face. Once you have done so, add your foundation powder, and presto! You are ready to hit the runways and go crazy with your selfie stick. Once you have figured out your best “face map” contouring and highlighting will be second nature!


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