How to keep feet soft and pretty

There is nothing worse than a pair of feet rubbing up against you, and scratching you like sand paper! So ladies, keep those tootsies happy, healthy, smooth… and sexy!

The best way to do this, is to make sure you soak your feet at least once every two weeks, and in the summer months twice a week. For severely cracked feet do this once a day for a week, or until you achieve the results you are after.

In the summer we tend to wear flip flops and walk around bare feet, causing our little beauties to develop hard skin to protect them from their new environment. Also, as they are not encased in our shoes like in the winter months, their natural oils are not able to moisture them and keep them soft, since they are exposed to such dry and harsh outdoor conditions.

When soaking your feet, soak them for about 15-20 minutes in warm water with peppermint foot fizz tablets. This will freshen the feet, stimulate circulation, and help the dead cracked skin to peel away naturally. After your feet have been well soaked, use a pumice stone to exfoliate the dead skin away. For really dry feet with thick dry heels, a PedEgg will be a much faster option if you need some heavy duty exfoliation. Some of those cracked heels really need a going over!

Once you have completed your soak-and-scrub, now is time for baggin-it-up! So dry your feet well, and after about 5 minutes when the skin is REALLY dry, moisturizing begins! First begin by moisturizing your cuticles and pushing them gently back with a cuticle stick. You can also use a normal foot moisturizer for this. Next, use a foot cream or other options such as almond oil, coconut oil, Vaseline or a specialized gel for cracked heels. Use a massive glob of this cream or gel and apply it all over your feet, focusing on your heels and other dry areas, making it especially thick on these rough areas. Now grab a couple of plastic bags and tie them around your ankles with loose rubber bands, ensuring that your feet are completely engulfed in the plastic bags. Now stay still for the length of a Big Bang Theory episode, and then you are good to go! Take off the plastic bags, rub in or remove the excess cream from your little darlings, and you will find that they are a million times smoother and softer than before!


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