How to dress for the Hawaiian Fall

While Fall in Hawaii is nothing like Fall anywhere else in the world, if you are a fashionista like myself, you like to honor the season despite the lack of foliage on the ground or scarves blowing in the wind. So how does one dress for the Fall in a tropical climate?

When Fall hits in Hawaii, the weather is not as hot and humid as in the summer months, however it is also not crispy or cold. It might be slightly chillier at night, and there might be some leaves scattered along the sidewalk, but generally speaking our Fall season is not one that stands out among the seasons. Below are three fashionista tips to live by if you still want to honor this season despite your geographic location.

Colors are Key.  Fashion-wise a great few tips to take on board when spending Fall in a tropical location, would be to use as many of the Fall-type colors available to you. To attain that Fall-look some great colors to add to your look are browns, oranges, dark blues, plums, beiges and even mustard yellows.

Accessories make the season.  You can keep your wardrobe light and airy to match tropical temperatures, while simultaneously adding small touches to attain that seasonal look. Ideas for Fall accessories include scarves, berets, boots with skirts, and handbags with a heavier and chunkier style than your normal light and colorful summer handbags.

Makeup to fall for. The final touch to a fall look definitely includes makeup. This is not to say that makeup should be caked on, but the small color changes you add to your lips and eyelids, regardless how subtle they are, will make a big difference. Summer colors are different to Fall colors, so adding a fall color scheme to your clothing and makeup will make all the difference. A few lipsticks and shadows trending this Fall are: Clarins Joli Rouge lipstick in a Tea Rose color; Sephora’s Bite Berry Frozen lipstick in Elderberry; Olivia Palermo’s Smokey Suedes Eye Palette and Bobbi Brown’s Telluride Eye Palette.


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