How to create smoky eyes

If you want to make an impression on your next big date or for that upcoming big event, then go for the smoky eye look. This look is sexy, empowering and easy to reproduce! Angelina and all of the Jessicas do it, and you can too now!

Firstly, you must start with a color-matched concealer. Apply the concealer to your top and bottom eyelids. As our orbits tend to be a little darker than the rest of our face, evening out the skin tone here will make for larger eyes, and will brighten up your face, and add an even more youthful glow. Follow this up with some light mineral powder foundation, and voila! You now have smooth-looking skin, you no longer look tired, and most importantly you will already see that your eyes have started their transformation.

Next step. With a black eye pencil follow your top and bottom lash line from the inner corner to the outer corner, then smudge the pencil lightly with a blending brush, and your outline is ready to go!

Now we step over to the crucial eye shadow application. For that classic yet sexy charcoal gaze, use a trio of dark grey shimmering colors. Begin with the lightest color and sweep it across your entire eyelid, then with the medium tone blend it from halfway across your lid to the outer corner. Now is the tricky part! With a blending brush, glide the darkest shadow into the crease of the eyelid and to the outer corner of the eye, flicking it slightly upwards to give you that lifted cat eye look. When you are satisfied, then take this same brush and dust the dark shadow along your bottom lash line to give you that sexy almond shaped look, and with a white shimmery shadow outline the area just below your brows.

Finally, using a blending brush, blend until the color changes are gradual, then add some mascara and you are ready to rock n roll… or perhaps waltz your way into that big event, and take that title of belle of the ball.


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