How to choose cleanser, toner & moisturizer

One of the best ways to have beautiful smooth glowing skin, along with eating a clean plant based diet, is to learn how to cleanse, tone and moisturize religiously! That’s right, make your skin your deity! Try to cleanse and feed it both inside and out, and with the most natural ingredients and products you can find.

So it all begins with the cleanser. You must wash off the day’s dirt, pollution, chemicals, oils, and stress before hitting your sweet face on to the pillow for your well earned beauty sleep. Depending on your preferences and your skin type, there are a few things to take into account…. Is your skin oily or dry, do you have blemishes, are you removing heavy makeup, is your skin sensitive? These questions should be asked when purchasing all of your beauty products. Once you have removed the day from your face with the cleanser, the toner will freshen up, tighten and smooth the skin, opening it up for the next step of nourishment, the moisturizer. The moisturizer brings so many nutrients to the skin, a night cream will nourish your skin deeply with vitamins and minerals, while a day cream will protect you from the environment. Both are anti-ageing, and both are as important as the other. A night cream will prevent premature ageing through nourishment, while a day cream will protect you from pollution, the sun and the wind, which will also slow down the signs of premature ageing. Below are ingredients to look out for when picking skin products based on your skin type.

For oily skin, ingredients such as calamine and kaolin will work great to reduce excess oil. For skin with blemishes anti bacterial oils such as tea tree are great, however they must be in low doses so as to not irritate the blemishes further. You can also try products with lavender, honey, beeswax and aloe vera for soothing those nasty blemishes. For a healthy year round glow, don’t wait until the summer when you are at the beach… exfoliate now, and make it bi-weekly if possible. This will make your skin baby soft and get rid of all the city grit and grime as well as those dead skin cells. The best exfoliating ingredients out there are sea salt, sugar, charcoal or the most well known of them all, the apricot scrub. The more natural your products, the more you will be healing and repairing your skin from the inside, and not using your products as a band aid solution.

When it comes to moisturizers, there are so many on the market, filled with all kinds of chemicals we can’t even pronounce, or numbers that we know nothing about. They all come with promises, and most likely most of them help to some degree. However, if you have a holistic approach and routine to your skin care, you are more likely to see results this way, than just slapping on an expensive cream every night and doing nothing else.

The best ingredients to seek out in moisturizers are the following: Retinol, for its anti-aging effects, an SPF to protect you from the sun (even on cloudy days), Alpha Hydroxy for smoothing out skin tone and increasing skin cell turnover, and last but not least humectants such as glycerin for drawing moisture into the skin and turning even the scaliest skin into a baby smooth surface.


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