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This stunning necklace is a true beauty. Cascading pearls and diamonds are carefully placed in an elaborate design to complement an elegant evening gown and beautifully styled up-do. The shape of the pendant is an art piece within itself, with the top half made up of diamond pieces circling five ivory colored pearls and a main diamond centerpiece. The bottom half of the pendant has a gold metallic piece with a pearl and diamond encrusted point. A fairytale necklace made for a princess indeed!


This pretty bangle is a gorgeous addition to any dainty jewelry collection. With its vintage baroque style the bangle is like a crown made for a wrist. With nine pearls evenly separated along the top of the bangle, held by flower-like bronzed pieces, this bangle is a perfect fit for the most elegant evening or classy picnic. To add to the heirloom-quality are two pearls with floral bronzed pieces on each end of the bangle. A dream-like piece made for a fairytale event.


A chic art-deco styled piece, this pendant is a one of a kind. The centerpiece of the pendant is a large opal smoky-pink stone with geometric accents that reflect its art-deco style. The gold-bronzed wings on either side are enhanced with tiny pave stones in a matching geometric pattern. This is a beautiful accessory made to match many styles and looks.


This necklace more than often receives a wow reaction, and why would it not! The term statement necklace, says it all. The wow begins with the white lacquer multi-tier design that cascades down your chest and around our neck in a floral pattern. Each cascading piece is accented with pave stones in elegant black. The adjustable large-link gold chain will allow you to wear it as a shorter of longer necklace depending on your style of dress and the neckline you are wearing.


If you are looking for some truly awesome statement jewelry, these drop crystals earrings are as unique as it gets. They are so versatile in style that they could be worn with an elegant evening gown and matching clutch, or worn to accessorize a glam rock look. The surfboard-shaped dangling studs are made up of ten diamonds, with the middle diamond being the largest, and the others descending in size from the center to each point. For the matching necklace, check out the Pod Crystal Pendant.


The pod pendant is a beautiful piece to wear with the matching Tribute Drop Crystal Earrings. The main pendant is a contrasting black and white surfboard-shaped piece, made up of ten diamonds with the middle diamond being the largest, and the others descending in size from the center to each point. Alongside the main pendant are four long gold cone-shaped trinkets resembling a charm bracelet. The pod necklace dangles and jingles, and will often attract compliments for its uniqueness. The rope gold chain comes with a clasp and chain for longer lengths.


If you are looking for a bit of vintage style, step back in time to the 30’s with this jazzy art deco piece. Simple yet elegant, the thin gold bronzed dainty bangle will envelope your wrist with that touch of retro glitz and glamor. On one end of the bangle is a blue stone centerpiece, surrounded by pave stones, while on the other end is a white shimmery opal-like stone also surrounded by pave stones. Easily worn to an elegant picnic event or an evening of elegance, this refined piece is a real treasure for any jewelry box.


This is another unforgettable piece for the treasure chest, a true piece of art that will surely dress up any simple fashion look or formal gown. The mix of smoky grey raindrop stones on each corner, and the two dusty pink stones on either side of the center diamond, will make it look like a butterfly sprawled across the front of your wrist. The thick gold bronze rope pieces on either side of the centerpiece add another element of uniqueness with a chain and clasp for different sizes.


An intricate leaf made up of tiny and delicate opal stones, these golden leaves once on your lobes will accentuate an elegant ensemble or brighten up a black dress or blazer. The edges of the earrings are made up of tiny gold pieces scattered around the larger stones, and with a long golden stem running down the middle. After they catch a bit of light or sunshine, they will shimmer and glimmer and are likely to attract a compliment or two.


Vintage has made its comeback in recent years, and these beauties are classic vintage pieces that prove why vintage is in! Simple yet elegant, and reminiscent of Coco Chanel’s style, these easy-to-wear earrings can dress up any kind of look. Whether a classic 30’s look, a grungy or professional look, they are easy to mix and match into any style of fashion. The earrings’ geometrical dusty blue stones are surrounded by encrusted pave stones and gold-rimmed edges. The studs will sit comfortably and lightly on your lobes, and you will find so many outfits with which this pair are happily matched.


Looking for a fun and unique piece to turn heads? This necklace should then be on your shopping list! The gold medium-link chain comes on one end with a clasp and additional links for size, while on the other end are some fun- looking artsy cubes. The eleven lucky cubes resemble lined up dice, so perhaps this glamor piece might be a lucky accessory for your next casino outing. Each cube is encrusted with a diamond on each side, with the cubes themselves only joined via the chain. Easily worn to an art gallery opening, as with a beautiful décolleté to an elegant dinner with friends.


One word really describes this piece… dazzling! This necklace is made up of large cutout geometric facet shapes, interlaced and overlapping each other in a messy yet organized style. Some of the shapes are made of plain gold, while others are lined with pave stones. This large piece is a wonderful accessory for a low neckline or décolleté, and would look a million dollars with a red or black velvet evening gown. The adjustable chain is made up of large links, and has a clasp and extra chain for choosing your desired length.


Going back in time to another era, or stepping on the set of The Great Gatsby, that is exactly what these earrings inspire. The geometric shape is a completely classical art deco design. The main part of the earring is a gold triangular shape, with the top and the bottom pieces being downward facing triangles lined with pave stones. Wearing these you can reminisce the spectacular dancing, grandiose fireworks and sequined headbands from the movie.

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