Heat, breakage and summer locks

We all love to make the most of the beach in the summer months, and throughout the year we also love our hair straighteners and curlers to stay switched on to keep us looking prim and proper. However, just like a big fat burger, this heat is like junk food for your delicious locks. So what is a girl to do?

One of the most important lessons you can learn about your darling hair is that if it is being heated up regularly, either by the sun or the straightener, then wearing it out is best. If you must wear it up then it is important to not wear it in tight hairstyles that will weaken it even more, or even break it. Remember, any type of heat will make hair brittle, especially if you have quite curly hair to start off with, or fine strands.

Another hair myth is that hair must be washed often. This is actually the complete opposite to what is healthy for your hair. If you are washing your hair too often, it will strip your scalp of its natural oils, which in turn will make hair weaker. This will also stimulate oil production, and no one enjoys an oily scalp that needs to be washed daily! If you are experiencing an oily scalp, resist the urge to wash as often as you usually do. You might have to put up with the oily- look for a few weeks, but eventually you will see that nature brings all the oils back to where they should be. I know this can be hard when you are hanging out at the beach all summer long, so next time you step out of the pool rather than wash, choose to rinse. Or if you really need to, use a natural dry shampoo instead.

Now to brush or to comb? That is the question! Brushes tend to be a lot harsher on hair, although most of us use them. A wide toothed comb is generally your best bet as it will cause the least amount of breakage. Also, try to resist brushing wet hair, and comb it very gently if you do.

Last but not least, for gorgeous Hollywood-looking locks, ladies you must condition and seal regularly! If you do not, then how can you expect to achieve these picture perfect results. So make sure you spritz your hair with a natural conditioner before any heat –whether from the sun or straightener—and make sure you also use a natural (yet powerful) leave-in conditioner at least twice a week.

Also, a tip that my hairdresser shared with me years ago, and one that I must admit I don’t always follow when I’m in a hurry is…. to make sure that when straightening your hair you do not go over the same strands repeatedly, but rather take your time and go slowly, this will make for a lot less repeated heat to your lovely locks.

Happy sunbathing and straightening girls!


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