Four fabrics to keep you cool this summer

If you are thinking of traveling to a hip and humid place any time soon, be sure to prepare with the right looks and fabrics before you hit the tarmac. The worst thing is arriving in a new place for a tropical vacation, or spending a super summer in your own neck of the woods, only to find that you are dripping like a faucet and your t-shirt needs to be surgically removed from your back. Then if it’s not clingy sweaty material, you are unpleasantly surprised while wearing your new designer shirt that the fabric picks up odor like a powerful vacuum cleaner. I know, I know… this is a very detailed description, but we needed to discuss this don’t you think? We all know about the known “summer” fabrics such as cotton, silk or linen, but what other options are there out there. Below are a couple of interesting fabrics with interesting names, to keep you entertained and entertaining.

Chambray is the one of the coolest denim alternatives out there, and is often referred to as a lightweight version of denim. This cotton fabric is not only cool and unique, but it’s a very strong fabric with an ultra lightweight feel. Great for summer shirts, shorts or skirts, you can find it in a designer style, or in items fit for a more durable wear. Adventure lovers will love this fabric!

Named after an Indian city –now the city of Chennai– Madras is known as the tropical fabric. This fabric has been popping up in all kinds of wardrobes around the globe, from the hipster wardrobe, to glam rock and prepster looks. The lightweight cotton fabric first hit the scene in the 60’s, and is making another comeback this 2015 in summer fashion lines. The gorgeous — sometimes nerdy plaid look– is great on men’s shirts, mini skirts and shorts, cute summer dresses and preppy blazers.

Seersucker is another cotton fabric great for summer wear. What makes Seersucker different is it’s unique weave that gives it that rumpled, slightly wrinkly texture. The weave lightly bunches the threading together in such a way that the fabric is more breathable than the average cotton… and what’s more, there’s no ironing required! How could anyone not want that, right?

Last but not least is Rayon. The least natural fabric on the list, Rayon is a semi-synthetic fabric. Why it is important to this list however, is because it is able to mimic the feel of so many other fabrics, when the more natural ones above might not do the job for a specific design. Rayon is porous and absorbent, which is why it is a winner for so many summer fashion trends. Often you’ll find beautiful designs and colors on Rayon, so it is highly versatile and adaptable to almost any style.


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