Eyelash extensions or not?

With eyelashes being the holy grail of makeup perfection, extensions are a sure thing on many a girl’s mind. After all, eyelashes can do wonders to your face and your look –- eyelashes are glorious, they make you look happier, younger, sexier, doe eyed, and can pretty much help you achieve any look you desire. Just look at Michelle Phan’s makeup transformations, most all of them revolve around the eyes, and eyelashes in particular. Just look at the large array of looks and characters she manages to replicate regardless of ethnicity! Eyelashes truly are incredible!

Like hair extensions, eyelash extensions are obviously the next option a girl goes to when she doesn’t have naturally thick or long lashes. It’s a great option when you are waiting for your lashes to grow and want to look your Sunday best every day of the week. There is a big myth out there that extensions damage your own lashes, this might have been true a decade ago, however nowadays they are of much higher quality. The key to success is to ensure that they are applied correctly, and to ensure that you do not rub or pull at them, as this is how all the damage takes place.

If you are considering lash extension, be sure to find a salon that specializes in brows and lashes, as they will really know their stuff. They will sit you down, analyze your face and eyes, and be sure to come up with the lash design that is best suited to your eye and face shape.

Now if you are seriously considering these babies, be sure you have a lot of time on your hands, as maintenance is key! Lack of maintenance is the main reason why people have bad experiences with their extensions. Your new lashes will need a little bit of daily love, so be prepared to spend some time grooming them.

There are many kinds to choose from –plastic, poly-fiber, human hair, silk, mink and even fox fur. That being said, beauty is always way more beautiful when it is cruelty-free, so sticking to human hair and synthetic is my first choice. The most

popular and wearable tend to be the poly-fiber as they have a lot of flex, come in all shapes and sizes, tend to stay in place until the end without any flipping or leaning, and for those lazy divas out there, they tend to not cause damage even when not maintained daily.

So the choice is yours, eyelash princesses! However don’t forget to use your eyelash serum and grow your natural beauties long and strong.


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