Eye Makeup: The Color Code

We often speak about face shapes and eye shapes when deciding which styles of makeup will suit us best, however we often don’t focus on the most captivating feature –our eye color! Our eye colors range in the thousands of different tones, all of which are gorgeous and easily accentuated with the right coloring. Whether a deep dark brown that you can get lost in, or a blue-grey that shimmers and changes color in the sun, all colors are spectacular and can be made even more spectacular with the right makeup.

For blue eyes, if you are looking to accentuate the color, downplay the tone of your lips and reach for a purple tone. Lilac is best for daytime use, while a deep plum color is great for a dramatic and elegant night out. For a glitz and glam event consider silver or gold, or a touch or turquoise. Any of the colors in the blue range, will really bring out the blue in your eyes. Add a winged eyeliner in a dark blue or a smudged charcoal, and your eyes will be the talk of the town!

Brown eyes are the most versatile when it comes to color because you can basically get away with any color. However, depending on whether your beauties are a deep dark brown, or a medium to light brown, there are a few different factors to take into account. Not all browns are the same. With deep brown eyes, use a medium to dark shade of any color, whether emerald green, lilac or even dusty charcoal. Then for those nights of glitz and glam, add some gold, this is spectacular with your eye color!

For medium to light brown colored eyes, again you are blessed with being able to wear just about any color you desire. Copper and bronze works like a charm if you are looking for some glamour, while greens and violets are great for daytime

looks. The key here is to make your eyes pop and sparkle, and this is wonderfully achieved with a light shadow and a dark liner.

Last but not least, let’s discuss the best colors for those gorgeous emerald gems. As purple is on the opposite side of green, it’s a stunning combination for green eyes. All shades of purple work like a wonder, however avoiding the bluer tones will work best. For your glammed up events, gold and copper are sure to make you the belle of the ball, but stay away from silvers as they are just not your bling! The key for your green beauties, is to stick to the warmer shades versus the cooler shades.


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